SOLID GROUND: GODS OF CHAOS MC (BOOK TWO) by Honey Palomino Read Free Book Online

Book: SOLID GROUND: GODS OF CHAOS MC (BOOK TWO) by Honey Palomino Read Free Book Online
Authors: Honey Palomino
home as she sat between me and Slade.
    Doc had cleaned up her wounds before we left.  Her face was covered in scratches and red marks that would surely turn to bruises and her left eye was slightly swollen, but she wasn’t banged up too badly.  Her blonde hair hung in loose waves over her shoulders.  She wore a loose fitting black t-shirt, and a pair of jeans that hugged her curvy hips that she had tucked into a pair of black, leather boots.  In spite of the redness and swollen flesh, she was absolutely fucking stunning.
    The only thing that threw me off was the hardness in her eyes.  
    Although she had broken down when we first arrived, she had quickly pulled herself together.  The firm set of her jaw, the determination in her eyes, and the stiffness of her shoulders, all told me she had endured things most women her age would never know.
    Things nobody should see.
    I sighed as I listened to her answer Grace’s questions.
    “How old are you, honey?” Grace asked.
    “Twenty-two,” she replied.  
    “You have any family?”
    “No. My mother…she…she sold me to Monty when I was sixteen.  I haven’t seen her since.  I don’t know where she is,” she replied, her voice breaking.
    “Jesus,” Slade said under his breath, shaking his head.  
    “I’m so sorry, Lacey,” Grace said.  She was in the front seat, sitting next to Ryder as he drove us back to the clubhouse.
    We had managed to slip away easily.  A quick confirmation that Patterson’s driver was enthralled in the book he was reading let us drive right past him, with Lacey concealed in the back, without raising any alarms. 
    “Thank you,” Lacey whispered, her voice small and quiet next to me.
    “Why don’t you try to get some rest, honey?” Grace said to her.  “It’s about three hours to the safe house.”
    “Okay, sure,” she replied.  
    “You can put your head on my shoulder, if you want,” Slade said.  I caught his eye and glared at him, a silent warning for him to remain on his best behavior.
    “What?!” he exclaimed, glaring back at me.  “We didn’t bring any pillows!”
    “That would be nice,” Lacey replied, gingerly leaning on his bony shoulder, and closing her eyes.
    I turned and looked out the window, marveling once again at what my life had become.
    Ten years ago, I spent every waking moment in the ring.  Boxing was the only thing I cared about and it consumed me with a burning passion that ended up eventually burning all my dreams to the ground.
    Sometimes, you can want something so much that it destroys you.  
    I had started boxing in the Army.  I joined up when I was seventeen, lying about my age, wanting to do anything to get away from my alcoholic father. My mother had left us alone together years ago, and I can’t say I blamed her. He was impossible to live with. I was finally tired of cleaning up after him, worrying if today was the day I was going to find him dead when I woke up each morning, and trying to get him to eat.  I felt guilty about leaving, but if I didn’t leave then, I knew I never would.  I wanted a life of my own.
    At first I was just a cook, but then I saw how they treated the boxers. They were the rock stars of the Army.  They got special meals, didn’t have to work, and spent all their time training.  They even got special living quarters.  After a year of breaking my back in the kitchen, I went down to the gym where they trained and started hanging around, just watching on my free time.
    Soon, I was itching to get in the ring, and the coach decided to give me a chance.  He put me in the ring with a very fast, very sweaty, incredibly strong, well-seasoned guy, but I stood my own, even if he did get a few punches in.  I was quick and light on my feet, and I fell in love with it right then and there.  
    Afterwards, the coach would let me spar every time I showed up, and when I started showing up every night, he told me I should talk to my sergeant about boxing full-time.

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