SomeLikeitHot by Stephanie Read Free Book Online

Book: SomeLikeitHot by Stephanie Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stephanie

    He didn’t have much time to get himself together because the instant they entered the house a woman called out to Naja. The similarities in their appearance and the grin appearing on his date’s face told him it had to be her sister.

    “Imani,” Naja responded, confirming his guess.

    He stood aside patiently as the siblings embraced. While there were definitely similarities between them, there were quite a few differences. Naja was taller, her hair much shorter and her body a lot curvier.

    “And you must be Sterling.”

    He pulled himself out of his inner musings, smiling as he made eye contact with the woman in front of him. “Yes, I am. You must be Imani.”

    “Got it right on the first try. I’m glad you could make it. I wasn’t sure Naja was going to extend the invite.”

    “Wow, Imani. Subtle today, aren’t we?”

    He chuckled. Yeah, Carson could definitely give him some advice.

    “Please ignore her. She doesn’t like being in situations where she doesn’t have complete control.”

    “Ha! You’re one to speak.”

    “Are the two of you at it again?”

    Sterling glanced at the man who walked up to join him. When he placed his arm around Imani’s waist, it wasn’t hard to figure out he was Imani’s boyfriend.

    “It seems they are. I take it they are like this all the time?”

    “Even over the phone,” he replied as he extended his hand. “I’m Carson Baxter. Welcome to the party.”

    “Sterling Henson,” he responded in kind, accepting the firm grip. “Glad I was able to make it.” He turned his attention to Imani. “It’s a pleasure to meet you as well, especially since I hear you’re the reason I secured an invite.”

    One corner of Imani’s mouth twitched. “I’m sure it wasn’t the hardship my sister would have you to believe. Now, are you ready for your interrogation?”

    “Imani,” Naja protested.

    “Oh, don’t even try it. After the grilling you gave Carson, I deserve the right to return the favor.”

    Sterling watched in amusement as Naja’s mouth opened and closed several times with no sound coming out. Evidently realizing she was fighting a losing battle, she sighed heavily.

    “Fine. Knock yourself out. Carson, I guess we’re on our own. Show me to the food. I’m starved.”

    Sterling studied Naja as she walked away with Carson. She was so beautiful it was a crime.

    “Don’t worry. Her bark is worse than her bite.”

    He turned his attention to Imani. “You think so?”

    “I grew up with her and lived with her. I’m positive. Would you like something to drink?”

    “A beer if you have it.”

    “Right this way.”

    As Imani led him to the kitchen, he took in the décor of the beach house. It was very homey feeling.

    A few moments later a beer was pressed into his hand. “Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome. Let’s go out back. Even though this is supposed to be a beach party most of the partygoers are inside.”

    He followed her out back and held her chair out as she went to sit.
    Imani chuckled in response. “I see why you make Naja nervous.”

    “What do you mean?” he asked as he sat down.

    “Let’s just say you aren’t her type.”

    “I’m not sure if I should be offended or not.”

    Imani took a sip of her drink. “It’s a compliment. She usually goes for men who don’t present a challenge. They’re okay with having a casual acquaintance. Typically they don’t ask her for more than she’s willing to give.”

    Sterling leaned back in his chair, absorbing the valuable information. “What a shame.”

    All playfulness left Imani’s expression. “I won’t go into detail, because it’s not my place to do so. But as I’m sure you’re wise enough to know everyone has a past. Naja’s is the reason why she has a preference for men who don’t want complications. The fact she’s willing to step out of her comfort zone shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

    He sat his bottle down and leaned forward.

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