Soul Awakened

Soul Awakened by Jean Murray Read Free Book Online

Book: Soul Awakened by Jean Murray Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jean Murray
warm, soft and way too tempting for him.
    Gods, he was a grown male acting like a fledgling. Although, he chose his companions on a limited basis, he was not a stranger to touch. However, Kendra awakened a whole new level of awareness. Without thinking he pulled the shirt up and over her head. His eyes snaked down her bare creamy skin. He forced himself to look over her shoulder, only to see her frontal reflection in the mirror.
    She covered herself with the shirt and glanced over her shoulder. “Sorry to make us both uncomfortable.”
    Bomani rubbed a hand over his brow trying to erase the image of her breasts from his mind. He pushed up and headed to the bed. Trying to distract himself he started to stack the books in alphabetical order. He grabbed the last one and sat on the chaise. Several of the pages had been folded over. Blank pages. He shut the book and looked at the cover. The worn, brown leather stretched the surface, but not one hieroglyphic announced the title. He leafed through the pages. In fact, the whole book was empty.
    He shrugged and laid it on top of the stack. Movement drew his gaze to the bathroom door. Kendra stood there in her robe. She had managed to get into a pair of jeans, and shoes. Her shirt hung from her hand.
    Bomani swore silently to himself, wishing he could shut off whatever Kendra had awoken in his body. “Lilly can heal your injuries. Are you sure you do not want me to fetch her?”
    “You don’t know my sister very well,” Kendra said with a smile. “Trust me, I wouldn’t ask you to do this, if I had any other option.”
    Her words stung, surprisingly. He pushed the weird sensation away. “I promised we would visit the vault today, but would you like to grab a bite to eat first?” She turned her back to him and untied her robe. The thick terry cloth fell from her shoulders to her waist. Gently sliding the fabric over her head, he tried to ignore what he craved lay inches away.
    “Actually, I want to talk with Inpu this morning.”
    “Inpu?” He expected her to be begging to see the vault.
    “I may not need to go there after all.”
    Bomani froze for a moment. This was good news since he did not want her anywhere near that despicable place.
    She turned around with her shirt properly in place. Her smile reached her eyes. “Thank you.”
    “You are welcome. So, off to breakfast and then Inpu?” He would not give up trying to convince her to see Lilly.
    “Yep, let me grab my book.” She picked the text at the top of the stack and followed him out.

Chapter Eight
    Kendra rolled over and grabbed the book from the vault, one of many ancient texts that encircled her on the king size bed. Based on the growing stacks, her success this past week was less than stellar. Even with one black magic text.
    She was certain this book contained the right spell. Inpu, the Underworld priest, had gathered the ingredients she needed. Everything was in place, but Bakari remained locked tight in his cell. Asar was counting on her to wake his son. Everyone was counting on her.
    Rubbing her head in frustration, Kendra swung her legs out of bed. She shuddered remembering that moment in the vault when the darkness crushed upon her. It made her sick to think that Bakari was experiencing that right now, while she lay recuperating from a week long spell fest with no success.
    She clasped her pounding forehead. She needed to do something constructive, other than ruminate about her failure. Bakari couldn’t wait any longer. She pulled her robe over her nightgown and headed out the large gold doors of her room into the palace common.
    On Bomani’s insistence, he assigned a sentry to assist her in his absence. He tried to pass it off as simply someone to help her, but she knew better. Since her little accident Bomani became a little over protective. Since, she has never gone alone, especially when she descended into the bowels of the dungeon. She didn’t mind the escort because the place gave her the

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