Spanish Nights

Spanish Nights by Valerie Twombly Read Free Book Online

Book: Spanish Nights by Valerie Twombly Read Free Book Online
Authors: Valerie Twombly
Tags: General Fiction
“Quite alright. I'm just curious where you went.”
    “No place.” She'd be damned if she would ever admit what had been running through her mind. For the time being, she'd follow him to the water and douse herself.
    Armand led Kayla into the water then swam away. He sensed her distress. She wanted him, the evidence clear, but she feared him at the same time. He blamed it on her lack of sexual activity along with the fact that her bastard husband had cheated on her. That would leave any woman's ego in tatters. The female begged for tenderness. He would give it to her a little at a time until he had tamed the skittish fox and had her eating out of his hand.
    He had to admit, though, he admired her. Coming to a foreign country, flirting with a stranger, took courage. It was obvious by her long stint of celibacy, she wasn't the type who slept around and he found that comforting. He'd also been impressed by her writing. While romance wasn't something that lined his bookshelf, he had found her work enjoyable. There was a part of him that wanted to help her get back on her feet. He was certain if she could once again experience the joy of two bodies being together, she'd find her muse. For a moment, sadness filled him. Love was something he'd kept at arm’s length and for good reason. He'd watched a few of his elders fall for a human and it always ended in disaster. She would die and they would be left heartbroken, spending eternity watching their offspring perish as well. The gene that made them Jinn never carried on to a human child. It was for the better of their race.
    Armand swam for shore and exited the water. “Are you hungry? We should eat since we only have a couple of hours before dark.”
    He was already in the cooler pulling out the bocata he'd lined with grilled chicken, provolone, arugula and tomato. He laid them on the table then dug for the container of pasta salad.
    “I'm starving. What can I do to help?”
    Kayla had come up beside him, still drying herself off. He tried to ignore the fact she was running a towel along her wet skin. He wanted to offer his help but fought the urge. He feared moving too fast would scare her off.
    “In the basket there are some plates and forks.”
    “On it.” She moved away and dug through the basket producing the items needed and placed them on the table. “Wow, this looks delicious.”
    Armand parked his chair on the other side of the table. “I hope you like chicken.” He unwrapped a sandwich then ladled some pasta salad on a plate and handed it to her. He watched her eyes widen as she accepted it. Had it really been that long since anyone had done something nice for her?
    “Thanks.” She sat in her chair and took a bite of the sandwich. She moaned. “Oh, my god, this is so good.” Next she took a fork full of pasta salad. “Did you make this? I love the olives.”
    “I picked up the bread from the little bakery we passed on our walk. The rest I made myself. You looked surprised.”
    “I guess I didn't take you for a cook,” she exclaimed.
    Armand sat back and watched her eat. “Let me guess. Your husband never cooked for you.”
    She stopped midway through her pasta salad. “Why would you think that?”
    Something told him she wasn't going to admit the guy had treated her badly. He wouldn't push it either. It would only hurt her. He wanted to win her over not scare her away. He shrugged. “In all fairness, being a bachelor has forced me to learn to cook.” He smiled at her. “It was either that or rely on the old ladies who took pity on me.”
    She nodded and continued eating. Her lack of an answer only confirmed his suspicion. He finished his lunch in silence and allowed her to clean up, sensing she needed to busy herself. He wandered off to the water's edge and watched a school of fish jump through the waves. Moments later she stood beside him, her coolness brushed his fire and the urge to pull her to his side had him clenching his

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