Spanking the Naughty Bride

Spanking the Naughty Bride by Leena Darling Read Free Book Online

Book: Spanking the Naughty Bride by Leena Darling Read Free Book Online
Authors: Leena Darling
longer a tingle, but a deep,
burning pain that filled her most private hole. Sara gasped and twisted around
in Rick’s grasp.
do you feel?” he asked.
hurts! Please take it out of me. Please.” It felt like liquid fire was churning
through her insides. Everything below her waist throbbed. It was agony.
final strokes with the spoon,” he said. “I hope you’ll remember this is what
happens to naughty wives.”
The first blow caught her lower right cheek. She clenched with the smack and
shrieked. Tensing up increased the sting inside her bottom hole tenfold. Oh no.
No, no, no.
you clench,” Rick said with amusement coloring his voice, “it hurts worse.”
mumbled a string of apologies, praying he would have mercy and end her
suffering soon.
Thwack! The next two slaps fell in quick succession. Hot tears spilled from her
eyes. More smacks fell, and the excruciating pain clouded her mind so that she
couldn’t keep track. Was that seven? Or eight?
let it be over. Please let this end . . .
spoon cracked across her punished flesh a few more times. Then it didn’t fall
again. Thank the heavens. It was over. It was really over. Well, it would be as
soon as the horrid ginger root was removed.
it’s all right, baby doll.” Rick’s comforting words calmed her swirling
emotions. She was forgiven. And boy had she learned a lesson.
going to pull the ginger out now. It’ll still burn for a few minutes after it
comes out, but I promise you’ll feel better soon.”
hissed through her teeth as he withdrew the root. Once it was out, he caressed
her flaming backside for a moment before positioning her upright on his lap.
sorry, Rick,” she whispered into his neck.
know you are. All is forgiven.”
hung between them as he let her cry out the last of her tears.
it still burn?” he asked.
flushed. “Yes, sir.”
passed as he held her, stroking her hair while she snuggled against his chest.
At some point, how long she couldn’t say, the burning in her bottom transformed
into a delicious throb that had a direct link to her clit. Moisture seeped from
her pussy. As she tried to understand what was happening to her body, she
enjoyed the simple pleasure of listening to Rick’s beating heart.
her sore bottom, his cock swelled to life and pressed against her. Only the
thin material of his boxers separated them.
not burning so much anymore,” she said.
Did you learn your lesson?”
yes. Very much so.”
drew back to take in his handsome features. Reading love, forgiveness, and lust
in his eyes brought her heaps of joy.
guided her on the bed, placing her flat on her stomach. He stood up long enough
to remove his boxers. Crawling on top of her, he raised her hips and positioned
his engorged cock at her entrance. He thrust inside her aching pussy. He stilled
within her for a moment, putting his mouth to her ear. “Love the pigtails,

another name, Leena Darling is a fulltime writer of romance. She has a little
secret though. She enjoys reading and writing dark erotica, spanking, BDSM, and
domestic discipline stories. The kind of stories her publishers wouldn’t touch
with a ten foot pole. She’s thankful for pen names, chocolate, Earl Grey tea,
and fuzzy pink socks.
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