Sparks of Blue (Dark Light Book 2)

Sparks of Blue (Dark Light Book 2) by Rose Wulf Read Free Book Online

Book: Sparks of Blue (Dark Light Book 2) by Rose Wulf Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rose Wulf
    Gwen’s heart was a mess, all right. Whatever idiotic deal her parents had worked when she was young, it’d likely been filled with loopholes. The way Gwen had explained the curse, her heart was just supposed to stop . The reality was worse. Gwen’s heart was old and sick. Like it had been rapidly aged the moment the deal was signed, which in turn would have impeded its function immediately. Her parents probably hadn’t ever had her heart tested, or they’d have figured this out years earlier. Now, if she were to go to another regular doctor, she’d be told there was nothing they could do.
    The heart Gwen had would make more sense in the body of an eighty-year-old who hadn’t treated themselves well over their lifetime. Clogged arteries, thinning blood cells, and slower blood flow made Gwen’s entire body weaker than it should be. The heart may have been the source of Gwen’s condition, but by now it was affecting her entire body. She would need a lot of healing time, which in turn meant they’d have to risk longer jumps. And those will set her backward, meaning I’ll have to re-repair things I’ve already mended. But it would be the only way unless they wanted to hold her hostage in this small hotel for the next couple of months.
    “Well, that’s just dumb,” Gwen finally declared in response to whatever Kai had said.
    Something tells me Kai won’t stick around if we have to go the hostage route.
    “Am I done yet?” Gwen asked suddenly, shifting restlessly beneath Belle’s light touch.
    “Not even close,” Belle said. She added a little pressure over Gwen’s collarbone when the woman made to sit up. “Lie still. I’ve barely had time to thoroughly analyze what I’m dealing with. I at least want to get you back to where you were before the teleport.”
    Gwen groaned loudly but complied. “You’re way more demanding than I thought you’d be.”
    “You’d rather die?” Kai asked pointedly.
    Belle’s heart threatened to break at Gwen’s hesitation. The woman had several years to make her peace with an impossible, unfair situation. And either she had, and was now being forced to face the possibility of outliving her fate, or she hadn’t and was still in the first denial. Either way, it would undoubtedly be hard for her to accept Belle’s promise or the idea that Belle had the power to heal her at all.
    Distracting herself, Belle looked up at Kai. “This first session could take about an hour.” She pointedly ignored Gwen’s outcry of disapproval. “You could go stretch your legs or something if you want?”
    “I’m fine,” Kai said, staring at her with a certainty that had always made her blood heat. This time was no exception.
    “An hour ?” Gwen repeated incredulously as Belle released a breath and let her eyes close. “And then, what, I’ll be totally better?”
    “I’m afraid not,” Belle replied as her power filled her. She envisioned it building up in her chest and spilling down her arms almost like waves, rippling out from her hands. In reality, her power was invisible. She’d been told on several occasions that to bystanders it looked like she was awkwardly holding whatever wound she was working on and praying. She didn’t like to think of it that way.
    Gwen squirmed beneath her touch. “That’s warm.”
    “I know. Hold still.” Part of her couldn’t help but wonder if Gwen had ever had an interest in medical school. Nurses and doctors notoriously made the worst patients.
    Kai watched calmly as Belle began healing Gwen. Gwen began squirming almost immediately, though stilled again when Belle instructed her to. The scene reminded him of the first time Belle had healed him. It had been early in their relationship; well before he’d ever given real thought to the potential consequences of their behavior.
    “Your touch is warm,” he murmured as his chest filled with a new kind of warmth. It vied for dominance with the usual heat already

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