Spin (The Indigo Lounge Series)

Spin (The Indigo Lounge Series) by Zara Cox Read Free Book Online

Book: Spin (The Indigo Lounge Series) by Zara Cox Read Free Book Online
Authors: Zara Cox
    I nod. “You’ll let me do the same for you?”
    His palms slide from my waist to my ass. Strong, hard hands capture the globes. “Of course. Why do you think I’m here?”
    Smiling, I toy with the thick, dark hair at his nape. “I thought you came to remind me we were keeping our guests waiting?”
    His gaze tracks down my neck to my cleavage. One hand leaves my ass to trace the curve of my breast. “I’ve decided that they can keep themselves entertained for little longer while I deal with those fucking demons.”
    “Aren’t you taking fashionably late a little too far?” I half-joke, because I’m eager for whatever is coming. More than eager. I live for it. Would die without it.
    His arrogant lip curl makes my pussy throb.
    “They can wait. It’s for their own good.”
    I raise an eyebrow. “How do you work that out?”
    “Fucking you will put me in a good mood. Not fucking you right now will make me a grouchy host. Also, I think it’s better for everyone if I’m not walking around with my dick hard enough to cause an earthquake.”
    My laughter triggers his own. He kisses the happiness from my lips, then pays me back tenfold, all while lifting the skirt of my Alex Wong cocktail dress and walking me backward to the low, winged dressing chair. He pushes me into it and drops to his knees before me. My breath catches at the ferocious hunger on his face.
    Without taking his eyes from mine, he hooks his fingers into my indigo-colored panties and pulls them down. His hands caress me from ankles to calves to knees. His touch lingers, drawing gasps from me, which he devours with each sharp inhalation. Grip tight on my knees, he spreads my legs apart, exposes my slick, needy sex to his gaze.
    “Come closer, baby,” he murmurs.
    I grow wetter as I shift forward until my ass hangs over the edge of the seat. The low rumble from his chest connects to me in ways I can’t fathom. My heartbeat escalates, screams with joy as my clit swells and throbs from the sound of Zach’s voice alone.
    Each time he takes me like this, I fool myself into thinking I know what is coming. After all, we’ve fucked a million times.
    Each time, he proves me wrong.
    Zach was an experienced, demanding lover when I met him. That experience has grown, sharpened into an almost transcendental skill since the very first time he made love to me. It’s as if, once he made me the sole recipient of his sexual attention, his intention has been to make each experience better than the last.
    He knows what I need before the thought has even formed in my own head. He knows when I need it fast and merciless.
    Knows when I yearn for a slow, exquisite possession. Like now.
    And he gives it to me.
    Slowly, he unbuckles his belt and lowers his zipper. He pulls out his thick, beautiful cock and positions himself at my entrance, then raises his gaze to mine.
    “Tell me.”
    My world zeroes in on its sole reason for turning. “I love you.”
    He splays a hand over my belly, pins me down hard. “Again.”
    I whimper with the need for him to possess me, fully and completely. “I love you, Zach. So much. Fuck me. Please, make me yours.”
    “Yes,” he growls roughly. “For as long as I live, yes .” He enters me slowly, his breath held as he absorbs my words, replies with his eyes and his body as he fills me, stretches me, until there isn’t a single doubt in my mind. I don’t care that I’m being extremely rude in keeping our guests waiting while my fiancé fucks me with sublime skill.
    He doesn’t stop until I’m wrung out, until my eyes roll and my heart screams, and we’re clinging to each other, squeezing the last pocket of air in the dressing room.
    Feeling his heartbeat thunder beneath mine, I allow myself to revel in the moment. Allow myself to burn in the fire of our love. We deserve this.
    We’ve earned our love , I affirm to myself.
    As if sensing my feelings, he raises his head.
    “I love you, Bethany. I’ll give my last

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