Split by Tara Moss Read Free Book Online

Book: Split by Tara Moss Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tara Moss
her on.” She extended the phone again. The smile was really big now.
    Smart ass.
    “Uh, hi.”
    “Makedde?” That familiar voice.
    “Hi, Andy. How are you?”
    The line wasn’t very clear.
    “Good. How ya goin’?” The simple Aussie-ism pulled at her heartstrings.
    “Fine, thanks.” Well, not really.
    Mak looked through the kitchen doorway into the dining room. Ann was the only one who was polite enough not to watch, everyone else was staring and Theresa was still standing in the kitchen, only a couple of feet away, watching intently.
    “Just a second. I’ll switch phones,” she told Andy. “Can you hang this up for me when I get on the other phone?” she asked her sister, handing the receiver over. “I’ll just be a sec.”
    Mak jogged down the hall to her father’s study and closed the door behind her. She took the call standing up, the cord twisted and stretched taut. She didn’t want to get too comfortable. By the time she picked it up, her sister was already having another conversation on the line.
    “…Really? So how long are you there—” Theresa was saying.
    “Thanks,” Mak said loudly. “I’ve got it now, thank you.”
    “Well, bye, Detective Flynn. Nice talking with you.” Mak heard the phone click, then listened for amoment to make sure her sister was really off the line.
    “Sorry about that.”
    “Oh, that’s okay. Your sister seems nice.”
    “Yup.” She leaned against the side of the desk and let her eyes wander around her father’s study. A framed photo of his graduation from the academy was hung beside a plaque lauding outstanding service. Her mouth always curved into a lopsided grin at the sight of that photo. Her father looked so young and eager, his hair not yet grey, his face smooth and chiselled.
    “My dad told me you called yesterday.”
    “Yeah, I did. You weren’t in yet.”
    Yes, but how did you know I would be here? She knew the question would make her sound suspicious, so she didn’t ask it aloud. Besides, it was probably just a lucky guess, right? He would know that she visited often, and he had her father’s number. It was logical that he would call her father’s place if he wanted to speak to her. But to speak to me about what?
    Makedde turned her back to the wall of frames and plaques, and faced a shelf lined with dusty caps traded with police departments from all over the continent. She scanned the embroidered crests—Vancouver PD, Texas Polygraph Unit, Los Angeles Police Department SWAT Team, Federal Bureau of Investigation…
    The phone line seemed to be quiet for an awfully long time.
    “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” she finally said. “So, you’re calling from Quantico. Must be pretty late in Virginia?”
    “Yeah. Past eleven. As I was just telling your sister, I’m here doing some training.”
    “With the Behavioural Sciences Unit?”
    “That’s the one. The Police Commissioner has okayed a new Profiling Unit in New South Wales. World-class technology. It’ll be right up there with the best. Looks like I have a good chance of heading one of the divisions in the unit. Perhaps even heading the entire unit in the future.”
    For a split second she experienced an unexpected surge of anger, and knew that it was because she felt he was indirectly benefiting from the worst kind of tragedy and violence. But Mak knew it was unfair to feel that way and she pushed the thoughts aside.
    “That’s great,” she responded.
    The Australian accent. That voice. It triggered mixed emotions in her. She had fallen for him, but soon after mistrusted him, even feared him. He saved her life in Sydney and she hated being indebted. She couldn’t shake that feeling every time she thought of him, and now, with his voice in her ear, her chest felt like it was filled with a swelling balloon, growing tighter with every breath. The fact that they had slept together made it even worse. Worse still was that she still thought about it.
    “Look, I can’t talk

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