Stallion of Ash and Flame (Siren Publishing Classic)

Stallion of Ash and Flame (Siren Publishing Classic) by Savanna Kougar Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Stallion of Ash and Flame (Siren Publishing Classic) by Savanna Kougar Read Free Book Online
Authors: Savanna Kougar
Tags: Romance
his stall.
    “You’re back.” Could that be some relief in her tone? He hoped so. “I don’t think you’ve officially met Ignition.”
    “Ignition?” Trail formerly bowed in his mind to the royal lineage stallion, who returned his greeting.
    “I lean forward and he’s like the ignition on my car. Only he zooms and hits his racing stride instantly. All without touching a pedal. Don’t you, darling?” She kissed Ignition’s cheek, then freed him to trot inside his stall. Eagerly, he circled his body, alertly watching her bring his bucket of grain and goodies.
    After giving Ignition a slap on the neck, she swung around to face him. “All done here,” she announced. “What? Did you drive through a forest fire? You smell like smoke. And I don’t mean cigarette smoke. Which I can’t stand, by the way.”
    “Don’t smoke,” he mumbled a reply. Stunned, Trail barely avoided staring at her. Normally humans couldn’t smell the smoke of the fire he’d just consumed. Why could she? Worse, he had no ready answer for her. She could find out if he lied and said he’d gone through a trash fire in town, or driven through the smoke of a forest fire on the highway.
    “Must be because I carried out some ash and charred wood from my wood stove. Wanted to make certain no flare ups started a fire while I’m gone.” He smiled to take the edge off his lie.
    She gave him a dubious look, then walked past him on her way out of the stable. “I’ve got the alarm down here set for a wider area.”
    He fell into step beside her. “While there’s still some light, I’ll work on the security of the house.”
    “Sounds like a plan,” she tossed, sarcasm part of her voice. After releasing a long loud sigh, she continued, “After I check on Luke and Spook, I’ll heat up some dinner. I hope you’re not the finicky type.”
    “Did I mention I make a mean omelet?”
    “No. How mean is it?”
    “Anything and everything but the kitchen sink.”
    “Well, if you don’t like mine, you can cook up an omelet. Suit yourself.”
    “Anything else need doin’ tonight?”
    She paused, thinking. “I don’t think so. Other than I wish I could stay up and keep watch. But, honestly, I’m too drained.” Stopping at the bottom of the porch steps, she whirled around to him. “Oh yeah. I’m going to sleep with my pistol on the bedstand, so don’t barge in my bedroom for any reason.”
    “No, ma’am.” He flipped her a grin, tipped his hat, then wheeled toward his truck. Never challenge a mare in that mood. Besides, he’d nearly grabbed her against him and tried out her mouth as a fit for his. Not that he doubted for a tail-flicking second her luscious mouth was a perfect fit for his taking. Damn, he knew it was.
    At his truck, he turned around in time to see the door swing shut. Checking his psi-senses, he reaffirmed that no one lurked nearby. Quickly pulling out the equipment he’d bought, Trail set to work securing the windows and all the doors with superior locking mechanisms. Next, he set up an unseen electric shock barrier which could be powered by an indoor plug or run on solar energy. Lastly, he juiced up her alarm system, adding some simple technology from his realm. He’d used it back at his rental house.
    Once he’d tested out everything to his satisfaction, he hauled his gear into Rory’s room, glad for the private entrance. Out of habit, he stowed everything away in an order that would give him instant access without thought. Truth told, he lived like a moving target since it was the only way to stay ahead of his enemies on Earth.
    He cleaned himself up listening to the sizzle of bacon and inhaled the aroma as he changed clothes. Gazing at himself in the bathroom mirror, he rubbed his chin wondering if he should shave off his five o’clock shadow. She might think he made himself ‘pretty’ for her and planned on making a move. He might be planning like a rutting stud, but he didn’t want her on guard more than

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