Star Force: Backdoor (SF53)

Star Force: Backdoor (SF53) by Anal Backdoor Read Free Book Online

Book: Star Force: Backdoor (SF53) by Anal Backdoor Read Free Book Online
Authors: Anal Backdoor
getting behind a tree trunk.
    From there he did a Jedi jump straight up and got back
into the branches, repositioning to another tree and jumping down inside the
growing group of those turning around to engage him. Another Fornax field took
them down and he killed some dozen more before taking off behind cover, this
time running from tree to tree and drawing some of them out after him…which he
circled back around to kill in ones and twos.
    Though he couldn’t see it, the Skarron column suddenly
became severed. The leading portion didn’t know what was going on and couldn’t
hear the weaponsfire, for they were too far ahead. Those that did turned back,
leaving those in the middle at a loss as to what was going on and what to do.
Soon that was resolved by their Skarron commanders via comm and the line began
to shrink in length and fan out into a wide formation to look for and pin down
their attacker.
    Which worked perfectly to Randy’s
advantage. Get them isolated and he had easy kills, keep them bunched up
and he could Fornax them into submission, but with enough of them they’d rack
up plasma hits to his armor’s shields and force him back. That was their only
effective option, for they couldn’t run, they were too far away from the
nearest help for that, and they couldn’t call in air support for the trees
would block their fire and most of their sensors.
    That meant this battle was Randy’s to lose, and he was
too experienced to let recklessness get the better of him. Keeping the
engagements spaced out and allowing his shields to recharge at least a bit each
time between strikes, he worked through hundreds of Hobbits while avoiding the
Skarrons, knowing they’d take more than a few shots to take down…but deprive
them of their escorts and they were vulnerable in the trees, for they already
didn’t move very fast, allowing Randy to dart here and there almost with
    The Skarrons might be stupid, but they weren’t stupid and after it became clear that
they weren’t able to kill the single Archon they pulled their scattered forces
back together and formed a clump of troops in a circle, putting as many plasma
weapons together as they could to increase their chances of making a killing
hit in the few seconds that their enemy would appear.
    Randy recognized this and acted appropriately, going
Jedi and pulling weapons out of the Hobbits’ hands when he was behind trees but
able to see with his Pefbar. He’d throw them out into the forest, almost daring
them to come out after them. When they didn’t he remained patient, picking a
few more Hobbit weapons off while the Skarrons literally wore theirs on their
gangly four arms and weren’t so available for picking.
    Eventually the Skarrons saw the writing on the wall,
knowing that if they let this continue their escorts would be defenseless, so
they guessed Randy’s approximate location and charged en mass.
    The trailblazer smiled inside his helmet and jumped up
into the higher branches, staying behind a tree trunk so they couldn’t see
where he’d gone. He let them pass underneath him then he dropped down into the
back section of their charging horde and emitted another Fornax blast, with
this one catching a Skarron as well. It went down, but struggled to get back up
on its feet while the Hobbits seemed to have no resistance to the intensity of
his Fornax.
    Randy shot several of them then decided to chance
going after the Skarron. He ran up to it, still emitting the field which felt
like he was mentally holding his breath as he maintained the effort, and jumped
up onto the quadruped’s flat back and fired his rifle down into the sweet spot
just back of the ‘head’ though in truth the creature had none. Its face was
part of its body, but the spot he was firing into led directly into its vital
organs and after some 14 shots it died and dropped fully to the ground.
    Randy took several plasma hits to his shields from
ranged shots, but not enough to

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