Stealing Home

Stealing Home by Nicole Williams Read Free Book Online

Book: Stealing Home by Nicole Williams Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nicole Williams
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directions and hauling back to third. Only because I was watching Archer’s face so intently did I see it—the flash of pain. No doubt brought on by the sudden twist in direction on the leg he’d been favoring for the past few innings.
    Diving, Archer’s arms wound around third base before the baseman’s glove brushed him with the ball that had just slapped into it. The crowd around the stadium was booing their guts out as the ump announced Archer safe. The scoreboard changed to put the Shock up by one at the top of the ninth.
    The dugout had turned into a clan of brutes beating their chests, grunting their approval, and adjusting their cups like they simply couldn’t not fondle themselves after that kind of play.
    I was already reaching for my bag and heading up the stairs before Archer stood. By the time the third base coach waved me over, I was only a few strides away.
    The leg he’d been favoring earlier was the same one he could barely apply any weight to now. The umps called a timeout in order to bring in a runner for Archer while the third base coach and I helped Archer off the field.
    His arms draped around our shoulders as he let us help him.
    “Don’t put any weight on it,” I ordered when I caught him trying to walk himself off.
    “I’m fine.” His fingers drilled into the outside of my shoulder as we moved him off the field. “I just tweaked a muscle or something.”
    “Or something,” I mumbled, shaking my head.
    Shepherd jogged up to take the third base coach’s place beside Archer.
    “Hey, don’t worry. This is all part of my plan,” Archer said.
    “Part of your plan to get carried off the field mid-season?” I whispered as Shepherd and the third base coach exchanged a few words.
    “Part of my plans to get my arms around you.”
    “You’ve got one arm around me.”
    “For now.” His arm tightened around me as his mouth lowered to my ear. “But something tells me the second will be wrapping around you soon enough.”

    “SHOULDN’T YOU BUY me dinner first or something?” Archer smirked at me when he lifted up onto his elbows as I tugged his sweats down his legs.
    “Tell you what,” I replied after I gave one last pull, freeing the dark gray sweats from him. After handing him a towel, I waited for him to drape it over his lap. Instead he curled it up and tossed it across the hotel room. “How about I draw you a nice, soothing, relaxing bath? Full of ice.”
    As I came around the side of his bed, it took all of my concentration to focus on the compress I needed to unwrap instead of what was resting just a little higher. At least he had underwear on, but it wasn’t like they provided much coverage. Especially when what was tucked inside them looked about ready to burst free.
    And dammit. I’d looked. From the way I could feel him watching me, he knew I’d looked too.
    “Another ice bath. Sounds perfect. Since my balls aren’t already blue enough.” Archer spread his legs open farther as I reached down to unwind the compress circling his upper right thigh.
    “Yeah, well, that’s what you get for not listening to the recommendation of your athletic trainer to take it easy.” I unwound the bandage slowly, not wanting to further inflame the area. “Every three hours, we’ll alternate fifteen minutes of ice and heat.”
    “Yay.” He cleared his throat when my fingers brushed his inner thigh as I unwound the last of the compress Shepherd had wrapped back in the locker room after his first ice bath. “Since you got to decide on the ice option, how about I decide on the heat option?”
    From the low notes in his voice, I knew exactly what he meant. “The plan is to calm the tear. Not further aggravate it.”
    “Okay. I can work with that.” When I exhaled, he added, “I’ve got ideas.”
    “Ideas that involve what you have in mind and not using your groin muscles?” My gaze wandered back to that part of his anatomy. Right before moving onto a different part of

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