Stolen by the Alpha Wolf: Shifter Romance (Accidental Theft Book 1)

Stolen by the Alpha Wolf: Shifter Romance (Accidental Theft Book 1) by Charlene Hartnady Read Free Book Online

Book: Stolen by the Alpha Wolf: Shifter Romance (Accidental Theft Book 1) by Charlene Hartnady Read Free Book Online
Authors: Charlene Hartnady
fucking shit, Ward.”
the one that’s making her act like this. I refuse to let you take her. You will
bleed before that happens.”
a bloodsucker, Ward. This is how they are.” Although his frame was still tense
and his eyes were narrow, he had calmed enough to rationalize with.
a female in my care. Hayden took her by accident and I will see that she is
returned. In the meantime, she will stay by my side at all times.”
if she finds out?”
won’t,” he growled.
if she does?” Gage didn’t give him a chance to answer. “If she does, she dies
and by your hand.”
stopped trying to get away from him. Instead, she pushed herself against him,
her hot breath fanning his back. She seemed to sense that she didn’t stand a
chance against this fierce shifter. That Ward was her only chance for survival.
She might be tougher than a human female but she was no match for a shifter
male in his prime.
won’t kill a female…vampire or otherwise.”
her to me then. I will take care of it.”
grit his teeth to keep from snarling. “You would have innocent blood on your
take her to the canyon and leave her to find her way back to civilization…”
would be kinder to cut her heart out right now. Good luck trying.” His arm
tightened around the female at his back. It was irrational but he would kill
this male if he had to.
she stays and finds out.” He spoke through clenched teeth. “She dies. You have
taken ownership so it will be by your hand. Do we have an agreement?” Gage’s
eyes darkened.
felt his skin tighten as his wolf attempted to erupt. His gums tingled and his
hands turned to claws at his side. “You have no authority over me.” His voice
had turned gravelly. His beast fought for dominance, it wanted to hurt Gage but
that would put the female in danger.
her over or accept responsibility.”
have taken ownership of this female. She will not find out, if she does I will
take her as my mate.”
jaw dropped open for a second, then he roared, his face twisted in rage. “What?
You would dare bring a bloodsucker into the pack. Are you out of your fucking
punched him. It felt good to feel Gage’s nose snap under his fist. The big male
looked momentarily dazed. “What was that for?” He used the back of his hand to
wipe away a trickle of blood.
down. I don’t plan on taking a vampire as a mate. It’s to prove to you how
serious I am about her never knowing our secrets.”
bastard kings can’t find out. You know she would tell them.”
you sure you know what you’re doing?” Gage’s canines had retracted, his shirt
hung normally on his shoulders.
got this.” Ward noticed that Rushe was standing in the doorway.
Don’t fuck this up.”
said that like I’m known for fucking up.”
shook his head, his lips twitched. “Don’t start now.”
don’t plan to.”
nodded once, turned and walked out. Rushe closed the door. Ward turned,
expecting to find a quivering female in need of comfort. A few kind words,
maybe even a hug. The sight before him though made him take a momentary step
eyes may have been red before, but not like this. Her irises looked like they
were bleeding. No wonder she’d dropped the blade earlier, the claws at the ends
of her fingers put the paring knife to shame. Her eyes narrowed even more,
zoning in on him. She hissed, her canines long and deadly. Stephany looked down
at the claws on the ends of her hands, the ones that were covered in blood.
From the light sting on his back, he knew that it was his blood.
swallowed hard, and licked her lips before tearing her gaze from the crimson
rivulets on the ends of her fingers. Squeezing her hands into fists, she pulled
them behind her back. “Run,” her red

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