Stolen Vows

Stolen Vows by Stephanie Sterling Read Free Book Online

Book: Stolen Vows by Stephanie Sterling Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stephanie Sterling
    “Where the hell have you been?” Roan barked, more harshly than he’d intended, wondering why he’d been worried in the first place, and unsettled by the rush of relief he felt knowing she was safe.
    “I was just -” Isla began, but then she looked up, and froze. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head.
    Roan felt a throb pulse to life in his groin.  He couldn’t remember ever being in this position before. In the past, whenever he was naked in front of a woman, she was naked too.
    He felt exposed. He was exposed, but there was something thrilling in Isla’s gaze as it flickered over his body.  She seemed powerless to look away, and Roan couldn’t help but feel a swell of satisfaction as her eyes remained transfixed on his body.
    “I was just -” Isla stammered again. 
    She sounded breathless, which stroked Roan’s pride even more.  He wasn’t ready to take Isla into his bed, not after what she’d done, but he would need to one day if he was to father a child, and he didn’t see that it had to be an unpleasant experience. 
    He glanced pointedly at the clothes she was carrying and Isla finally seemed to pull herself together.
    “I went to fetch these,” she said in a rush thrusting the garments in his direction, her eyes growing ever wider as he walked closer to take them from her.
    He started to thank her, but then scowled at the garment she was offering him.  “Is that the Cameron tartan?” he sneered.
    “I’m sorry!” she gasped.  She did look flushed, Roan decided, daring to lean just a little closer to judge the effect it had.  She babbled some hardly coherent apology and Roan had to turn away to hide a smile.
    “I’ll just change then,” he murmured softly, retreating back behind the screen.
    Isla sat down on the trunk and tried to compose herself.  She didn’t think there was a word to describe how Roan had looked.  If there was, then she certainly didn’t know it. 
    He had been all hard lines and sculpted sinew, bulging muscle and raw power.  Isla shivered when she thought about how the beads of water that dripped from his head to his shoulders had then run down into the dark spattering of hair on his chest. 
    She should have been appalled, terrified even, but she hadn’t been, and she couldn’t understand why not.  Roan had seemed, to her most feminine core, to be male perfection personified.  It hadn’t mattered that his poor skin was bruised and broken; he was still magnificent. 
    She had been shocked by her desire to reach out and touch him. Isla burned scarlet as she remembered what else she’d thought of doing – of pressing her lips to his skin and lapping up every droplet of water with her tongue.  She couldn’t imagine where she’d gotten such a wicked idea!  She didn’t know what the heavy, aching throb in the pit of her stomach meant either.
    Isla felt restless and compelled to move.  So she stood up, trying her hardest to forget what she’d just seen, and began to pack for her new life as a MacRae.  Her aunt had offered her the use of one of the maids to help, but Isla wanted to pack everything herself.  It felt right somehow.
    She was sorting through her winter wardrobe when she felt the prickly sensation of someone watching her.  Roan.  Did she dare turn around and look at him?  She was humiliated to feel the heat already rising to her face.
    “I’m sorry about that,” he said from across the room. 
    He didn’t sound sorry, Isla noted. He sounded thoughtful, but not sorry. 
    That was when a belated hint of fear kicked in.  She didn’t know if it was naivety or denial that had kept her from thinking about her wedding night, but now she was thinking about it, and with as much trepidation as curiosity.
    Roan’s body suddenly became threatening.   Isla remembered how it had felt to be pinned beneath Tavish, and this time there

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