Stonebound: Shifters Forever Worlds (Skeleton Key)

Stonebound: Shifters Forever Worlds (Skeleton Key) by Elle Thorne, Skeleton Key Read Free Book Online

Book: Stonebound: Shifters Forever Worlds (Skeleton Key) by Elle Thorne, Skeleton Key Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elle Thorne, Skeleton Key
    She ran back to Tino’s wall and placed her shoulder against it. Warmth, the same warmth as his voice, as his presence flowed from her paws throughout her body.
    “I feel you!” Joy bubbled within her like champagne used to bubble in her mouth when she used to celebrate New Years’ Eve with her parents. “I feel you! You’re here!”

Chapter 12
    T ino’s breath caught with a hitch. He felt her paws on his chest, their heat surged through his body with as much intensity as if there wasn’t a wall between them.
    She leaned in, her body hot against the wall, but it was as if she was pressed against him
    She rose on her back legs, pressed her tigress cheek to the wall. It was silky softness on his chest.
    His body reacted, hardening, his cock turning to steel within the wall’s confines. His need for her was powerful.
    And he was powerless.
    His lion roared in Tino’s mind.
    Then Tino heard the responding roar. Her tigress’s passions came to life, wanting the lion as Tino wanted Ana.
    Then it hit Tino with the force of a tornado seeking retribution—Ana wanted him.
    And Ana could feel this thing between them.
    “You feel it.” He didn’t pose it as a question. He knew she had to feel it.
    Her head nodded against the wall that held his chest. “I do feel—”
    Something caught Tino’s attention. Was it a sound? Was it his lion’s senses? Whatever it was, something was just outside the door. Could whatever, whoever, it was listen into their conversation the way he’d listened to her conversation with Bruno that day?
    “Hush, love.” It hit him a second later he’d called her love, but this wasn’t the time to dwell on that. “Shift, Ana. Shift.”
    Quickly—she’d become so adept at it, he noted, she shifted into her human form. The succulent, curvy creature he’d fallen in love with…
    God. He had. He’d fallen for another man’s wife, mate, whatever it was called in the shifter world that he knew very little about. Ana had tried to tell him some of the rules, but it was so foreign to him, finding out there was a social and political structure of beings that were more than human.
    “Why did I need to shift?” She asked him, her eyes mirroring her concern.
    He couldn’t talk to her. Oh sure, he could talk but in her human form, she’d never hear him.
    The door handle turned.
    Ana whirled to face the interloper who was intruding on their time.
    Isabel walked in. “Can I meet him?”
    Tino froze.
    Isabel knew about him? When did this happen? When had Ana told her sister? He didn’t make it a practice to overhear their conversations, but it was hard to avoid most times, as he hated to leave Ana’s presence, out of concern that Bruno would start in on her again.
    Ana ushered her sister out of the room, practically shoving her.
    “Wait.” But he knew they couldn’t hear him. Not in their human shapes.
    “Damn,” he let the word out with a whoosh of air. “What’s next?”

Chapter 13
    A na froze . She could have killed her sister. “He doesn’t know you know.”
    She knew Tino heard Isabel. Of course he did, but what the hell.
    She steered Isabel out of the room and to the garden. “What are you doing?”
    “What?” Confusion was plastered to Isabel’s face.
    “I haven’t told him that you know about him yet.”
    “Oh no.” Then just as quickly, confusion was replaced with a smile. “Now you don’t have to.”
    Impetuous Isabel. God, how that nickname from their younger days fit her today.
    “I planned to break it to him slowly.”
    Ana contemplated that. Truth was, she didn’t know why.
    Or maybe it was because she didn’t want to share him.
    No, she shook her inner head. That can’t be it.
    Could it?
    “Oh.” Isabel’s face lit up as if she’d come up with a brilliant idea.
    Ana frowned. Isabel’s ideas worried her.
    “Oh. I see.” More lighting up on her face.
    Ana tilted her head. “What?”
    “You. Are. In. Love.” Isabel clapped her hands

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