Stronger (The Unit Book 2)

Stronger (The Unit Book 2) by Sarah Greyson Read Free Book Online

Book: Stronger (The Unit Book 2) by Sarah Greyson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sarah Greyson
Tags: The Unit 2
last pill, but she was starting to feel fear. It was because she was being devoured by his eyes. He started at her feet and slowly perused his way to the top of her head. He approached closer now and she cringed back into herself. He picked up a strand of her long, golden blond hair and twisted it around his chubby finger. He pulled her head down by his finger and deeply inhaled. He held up the white negligee and handed it to her. She took it and clenched it against her chest. She really didn’t want this creepy man looking at her naked.
    The man waited patiently chewing on his cigar. When she didn’t move, he walked over and grabbed the white negligee out of her hands and threw it on the bed. A shudder moved through her as he ran his hand down between her breasts and over her pubic area until he reached the hem of the red satin. With both hands, he pulled it over her head. She trembled and stared at the ground. She couldn’t look into his eyes; he scared her. He picked up the discarded white negligee and handed it to her, again patiently waiting for her to do the honors. She quickly pulled it over her body, not that it did any good. Only the trim was outlined in silk, every other part of the white mesh negligee was see-through. He stared at her, ogling her breasts. Why did it have to be so cold in this room? He motioned for her to turn around and she obeyed. This time he motioned and said the word, “Slowly.” Again, she did as he demanded.
    He walked up to her until she could smell the liquor and chewed tobacco on his breath. She would never again be able to smell that scent and not think of this man. He kept walking forward, into her, causing her to bump the back of her legs against the bed. With one small, swollen hand, he pushed her onto the bed until she was spread beneath him. This was not good . She needed the drugs to endure this. He spread her legs and placed both hands solidly on her knees indicating for her not to move. She wasn’t wearing panties. What was he doing? He opened the bedside table and pulled out a bottle of gel lubricant, the kind she had seen the doctor use. He returned to her and placed two lubed fingers inside her center. She squeezed her legs together to try to stop him, but he wedged his short body in-between her knees to keep them open. When he felt her hymen still intact, he smirked. He removed his fingers and began to circle her clit. She thrashed her head from side to side trying to ignore the fact that he was touching a place no man had ever touched before. She always thought she would get to choose the man who touched her there. Her pulse started to race. She clenched her jaw and tried to ignore what he was doing to her. It didn’t feel good; it felt wrong. She felt a pain deep in her chest, but she ignored it. She tried very hard to hide her terror from him, but it was no use. He saw her fear. He saw her shrink into herself as if trying to hide. She squeezed her legs together again trying to limit his access. This time she pressed firmly against the man’s legs. He continued to lazily circle her clit, but when he could tell he wasn’t turning her on, he stopped. She exhaled. He extended his hand, the one that had been inside her, to her and waited until she placed her hand in his. Then he pulled her up to a sitting position. He lifted her arms and removed the white negligee from her now naked body. She had never felt such humiliation. Such degradation. Such violation.
    “Raphael,” the man yelled. A second later, the man who had originally brought her the clothes was back in the room with her. The man handed Raphael the white negligee and then exited the room.
    “Get dressed now,” Raphael said before exiting the room. She wondered if the other girls were going through this same type of disgrace. She dressed and went back to the window. She wrapped her arms around the middle of her body and stayed, gazing out at the grounds, until she was led back to the

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