Style (Dressing a Billionaire Book 2): A Romantic Comedy

Style (Dressing a Billionaire Book 2): A Romantic Comedy by Jamie Lee Scott Read Free Book Online

Book: Style (Dressing a Billionaire Book 2): A Romantic Comedy by Jamie Lee Scott Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jamie Lee Scott
smiled, but didn’t answer. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Hugo sure did go out of his way to be endearing. And I hated him for it. Stella had made it clear she was done with me, so clinging to Hugo looked desperate. And may hurt my chances of ever getting Stella back as a client.
    He half-smiled and went back to running.
    Did he know he had me? Hook, line, and tight butt?

Chapter Four
    S omeone I hadn’t met yet came in and whispered in Hugo’s ear. He stopped his treadmill and got off. “Give me a sec, I’ll be right there.”
    I heard him only because I’d moved my earphone off my ear a few minutes earlier. I looked over.
    “Hey,” he said, then waited.
    I stopped my death machine and took off the Bose headset. “What’s up?”
    “I’ve got to go. Emergency. You can stay and play as long as you like. And I’ll get you set up with security, so you can come here to workout whenever you want.”
    “That’s great, thanks,” I said facetiously. “Do I need to call ahead?”
    “Only if you want the place to yourself. And then you’ll need to give fifteen minutes’ notice as a courtesy.” He grabbed a towel from a nearby rack.
    “I’d never kick anyone out,” I protested. And, more importantly, I’d put those noise-canceling buggers on immediately to avoid embarrassment in front of total strangers.
    “You’ll have executive status, so if you choose, you can.” He stepped up on my treadmill and kissed me on the cheek. “Thanks for running with me. I didn’t want to run alone.”
    “Yeah, it was great. So glad we could have this forty-five-minute conversation. We learned so much about each other,” I couldn’t stop the flippant tone.
    “Yeah, me too.” He grinned, and I melted.
    “Timmy’s outside, whenever you’re ready to go home. Thanks again.” He walked out of the gym, and I watched his tight butt as he did.
    “Shit, I need to run more. I want an ass like that,” I said under my breath.
    The treadmill responded, “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand. Could you repeat that?” Not so smart, after all.
    I nearly collapsed with laughter. I’d bet everything said and done in this place was recorded somehow. I’d have to talk to myself silently.
    I looked at my phone, and Orlean still hadn’t responded to my text. But I did have several other text messages from numbers I didn’t recognize.
    Holy shit, DerekGattis from the Dallas Cowboys sent me a text message. Stella P gave me your number. Call me. He left his number, as if I wouldn’t have it from the text.
    At first I thought maybe he wanted to meet me. Then I realized if he got my number from Stella, it had to be business related. Bummer. And yet not because I may have another client.
    True to her word, Stella could put me on the Texas map. Now I had to make her look good by being a great stylist and business woman. Hugo’s story gave me hope. I didn’t have a million dollars, but almost as good, I had Stella as a reference. I guess I just had to make up with her now, apologize for our misunderstanding, or rather, her accusation.
    I needed a shower, because I’d actually broken a sweat, but I jogged to the elevator and out to the awaiting Bentley, so there’s that. I could say I’d gone running if anyone asked.
    “Home please, Timothy.” Yeah, I wasn’t calling him Timmy with Hugo absent.
    I leaned my head back on the cushy leather seat and closed my eyes. I had so much work to do. I screamed inside, I HAVE TWO, COUNT THEM, TWO POSSIBLE CLIENTS !
    I opened my eyes to be sure I hadn’t let anything slip out for real. Timmy watched the road, not me. Good. I closed my eyes again until I heard Timmy’s voice.
    “Miss Maisy, you’re home.”
    I sat up. “Thanks so much. I’m sorry for the extra work.”
    He looked in the rearview mirror. “Not a problem.” But he didn’t get out and offer to open my door.
    I opened my own door and wondered if this lack of respect showed how he felt about me spending time with Hugo.

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