Submissive Desires

Submissive Desires by Carolyn Faulkner Read Free Book Online

Book: Submissive Desires by Carolyn Faulkner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Carolyn Faulkner
towards bad than good.
    Simon frowned deeply at the thought of some guy manhandling her. He didn’t like that idea at all.
    He remembered something from their chat, and pulled up the file he’d saved, scrolling back through it. There it was. She’d mentioned having to “fend men off” when she’d gone to her car after meeting them. He shook his head, already starting to worry about her, and he hadn’t even met her.
    You asked if my qualifications for a dominant would be the same as the ones I’d given you for someone I’d be willing to be “adventurous” with, and, yes, they are. I mean, to me, being with one’s dom would be the safest one could hope to be – besides, perhaps, being in one’s mother’s arms. The essence of a dominant/submissive relationship is not the giving or receiving of pain or pleasure, it’s the mutual exchange of trust and exploration – adventure (within agreed upon limitations, of course).
    That was wonderfully put, and exactly his own feelings – but he also firmly believed that the dom was in charge of the limitations to a large extent.
    Spanked? Yes, I’ve been spanked before – one of my boyfriends was very “into” spanking, which was great as far as I was concerned. If the rest of the relationship had held together, he would have been darned near the perfect dom for me.
    I am assuming that you are also into discipline? You certainly do come across as dominant – as though a SEAL was going to be the submissive sort – NOT .
    I have to compliment you on your chat manners, however – they’re impressive.
    Well, time to go make dinner – the dog is eying my leg and drooling . . . Take care.

    They corresponded off and on for several months, and met online occasionally to chat. Elizabeth was pleasantly surprised that he did not try to move right in, as some “on-line” doms did, and attempt to assume control of everything about her life when he really knew nothing about her life or what she needed to do in it. He never flooded her email with twenty or thirty messages filled with inane ranting – in fact he was almost relentlessly on-topic; his messages short and concise but very pointed and even somewhat sharp.
    The words “unforgiving” and “unrelenting” came to mind when she read his prose. They had spoken about punishments in one particular exchange, and she often pulled up that particular email and read it.
    I don’t believe in “playful” spankings. Spankings are for punishment. They (as well as any other physical punishment) are always hard, and always given on the bare, but not always long, depending on the circumstances. Of course, there are other areas to discipline besides a submissive’s rear end – backs of thighs, breasts, and backs of calves come to mind immediately, along with other methods that leave no marks at all . . .
    Punishments are swift and sure – not delayed in any way, if possible, and harsh enough to capture the miscreant’s attention, and mark her well as a reminder that will remain with her, to help her behave for several days into the future.

    I’ve never put up with much from any of the people I’ve supervised in the past, and I’m even less likely to put up with anything at all resembling disobedience of a rule or any sort of disrespect from my submissive, should I be lucky enough to acquire another.
    Maura had had to laugh at his verbiage. He spoke as if submissives were something that one had to brave the deepest darkest jungles to find.
    There were several days when she didn’t receive any email at all and she wondered if he’d found someone else who evoked a more passionate response, but then a message popped up in her box and he explained that he had had to fly out of the country unexpectedly.
    Elizabeth didn’t know exactly how much she believed about his mysterious “consulting for the government” job. It smacked just a little bit too much of the smarmy “spy” line that lounge

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