Sucker Punched
spreads my legs and presses on my back, showing me how far I should bend down.
    My face grows hot when I realize how much of my ass is on display. He can probably see everything back there. . .
    Okay, so doggy-style is something that should be done in the dark. Lesson learned.
    He slides his cock along me, making sure to spend extra time rubbing it against my clit. I’m back to being achy and needy. I don’t even care that he’s got a clear shot of my asshole right now. I just need him to fuck me already.
    “Please,” I murmur between panting breaths.
    “You want me to fuck you?” His tone is unmistakably cocky and irritatingly sexy. He knows damn well what he’s doing, and I both love and hate him for it.
    I nod, trying to push back and impale myself on him.
    I hear a low chuckle from him before he obliges and pushes into me. He moans as I gasp, still not used to being stretched this wide.
    He pumps slowly at first, reaching around to play with my clit. My breath hitches at how deep he can get this way, and I bury my face in his clothes lying on the counter.
    I love that they smell like his cologne.
    My heavy breathing fills the room, soon accompanied by the sound of our skin slapping together. His hand leaves my clit to grip my hip, and as his pace increases, I start mumbling nonsensical things.
    One of them may even be that I love his cock.
    I’m definitely thinking it, but I’m not sure if I actually say it or not. The only thing I’m sure I am saying is “Just like that. Don’t stop, don’t stop. Oh, fuck .”
    I’m holding onto the countertop for dear life as he pounds into me. I’m probably going to have bruises with the way my knees are banging into the cabinet.
    Just as soon as the thought leaves my mind, the most amazing feeling in the world overtakes me. It starts in my core and fans its way out, tightening every muscle to the point that I think they might never relax. I cry out so loud it’s actually more of a scream, which surprises the hell out of me because it’s totally involuntary. For the life of me, I can’t stop.
    I’ve never come so hard in my life.
    The edges of my vision waver. My ears ring. I even go cross-eyed for a few seconds. I ride it out for as long as I can, savoring every blissful second, because I know without a doubt it’ll never be this good with anyone else.
    Blake manages a few more thrusts before abruptly pulling out. I’m wondering what he’s doing back there, but my motor skills seem to be nonexistent right now. It’s not until I hear him groan and feel warm strands paint my ass that I realize what’s happening.
    My pussy spasms. Again.
    Why is him coming on me so fucking hot?
    He sets my phone next to me and kisses the center of my back between ragged breaths. “Goddamn, Duchess. I think I want to keep you.”
    I’m about to tell him I’m more than fucking okay with that when a loud banging on the door rips us out of our post-orgasmic high. “You two about fuckin’ done? I’m about to piss myself out here.”
    We both straighten at the same time. My legs feel wobbly as panic spikes.
    Oh my god, how many people heard us? Shit, what if there’s a line to use the bathroom now?
    Blake scowls at the door. “Then fuckin’ piss yourself, asshole.”
    I grab some tissue from the other side of the sink and turn my ass to the mirror, trying to clean myself up.
    Blake chucks the condom in the trash. “Sorry ’bout that,” he says almost shyly. “No sex tape’s complete without a money shot.”
    “It’s fine.” Pulling my dress down, I toss the tissue in the trash, trying to cover his condom the best I can. Things are suddenly awkward, and I feel my face getting hotter with every second. 
    I can’t believe I just fucked a total stranger. What the hell was I thinking?
    Jesus, what if Blake has some kind of STD or something?
    The man pounds on the door again. “Hey, fuck you!”
    How am I going to walk out of this bathroom and face that guy?
    I grab my

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