Suddenly a Bride

Suddenly a Bride by Ruth Ann Nordin Read Free Book Online

Book: Suddenly a Bride by Ruth Ann Nordin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ruth Ann Nordin
Tags: Science-Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
noted, a knowing gleam in her eye.
    Caitlyn’s eyes widened and she vehemently shook her head.  “No.  I didn’t have sex with him.”
    Sheila chuckled.  “Honey,” the older woman began, “I’m not a spring chicken anymore.  I know what the messed up hair, the frantically pulled down dress and no bra means.”
    “What?” Caitlyn ran her fingers through her hair to get the waves back into place while she covered her breasts with her free arm.  This was a nightmare!  How was it possible that she just had sex with a stranger and everyone knew?
    Sandy patted her back.  “Don’t worry.  You’re with friends.  We’re no t going to spread this around.”
    Embarrassed, Caitlyn put her face in her hands, sure that her skin was as bright as a tomato.  “This isn’t happening.  It can’t be happening.”
    The door from the kitchen flung open and Jack hollered out, “Mrs. West, get back here.” Then he shut the door.
    Sandy’s jaw dropped.  “Mrs. West?  Was he talking to you?”
    Caitlyn put her hands down and tried not to cry.  “I think so.”
    “But how…?  When…?”
    “I don’t have time to explain.  I have to talk to our boss and then get back to…” She didn’t want to say husband.  She didn’t want to say lover either.  So she opted to wave in the direction of her vehicle .  “Him.”
    Sheila pulled on Caitlyn’s dress so that it didn’t look so disheveled.  “The re.  Now it’s not so obvious .”
    “We’ re talking tomorrow,” Sandy told her .
    Yes, Caitlyn knew.   Sandy was her best friend, and they didn’t hide anything from each other.   Leaving the two waitresses who reluctantly returned to their customers, Caitlyn entered the kitchen and waited for Jack to speak.
    Jack turned from the table in the back of the kitchen and handed her a check.  “Now I can’t be accused of not paying you.”
    She gingerly walked forward and took it.  There it was: Caitlyn West.  She didn’t understand this at all.  She didn ’t ma rry that…guy…in her minivan .  She didn’t fill out any paperwork changing her name.  She woke up this morning as Caitlyn Davis.  Groaning, she fought the desire to pull her hair out.  What was going on?
    “Apparently, you had a busy morning before you came to work,” he mused before he returned to the range and cleaned it off.
    She decided not to tell him that she hadn’t been exchanging vows that morning.  “Is there anything else?”
    “Nah.  You look beat.  Go on home to your husband and give him a reason to look forward to seeing you.” He gave her a wink that could only mean one thing.
    She rolled her eyes.  She already gave her “husband” a reason to look forward to seeing her.  Too tired to do anything else, she left the restaurant with a slight wave to her friends.  When she returned to her van , the man was still sitting in the passenger seat.  Upon closer inspection, she noticed he was flipping through her CD collection.
    She stared at him for a moment, trying to figure out what it was that made her so crazy with desire that she ordered him into the backseat of her vehicle.  He wasn’t drop dead gorgeous.  He was good looking, or at least he would be as soon as he trimmed his shaggy brown hair.  His skin was pale.  She doubted he got much sun.  He had nice, broad shoulders.  For the most part, he was built like any other man.  She’d been around lots of men and hadn’t felt the burning need to have sex with them.  It was ridiculous.  For a while there, it really seemed as if she had no co ntrol over any of her actions.
    With a loud sigh, she approached the driver’s side and got in.  He looked up at her and smiled.  There was nothing sexy about the smile.  In fact, it struck her as a boyish grin from a man who’d discovered the perfect car.  What in the world compe lled her to have sex with him?
    She inserted the key into the ignition and glanced at him.  “Why am I not attacking you right

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