Summer Camp Mystery

Summer Camp Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner Read Free Book Online

Book: Summer Camp Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Gertrude Chandler Warner
    The Birch Cabin Seals ran to the stage. They helped Kim hold up the banner.
    “Go, Seals!” the Seals roared.
    When the cheering died down, Rich explained the winning idea and then made the morning announcements. “Now it’s time to clean your tables and bring your plates to the kitchen. Then you’ll return to your cabins for morning cabin inspection. After that, everyone goes to activities. Meanwhile, we hope you will find Buddies and Buddies will find you to help each other the rest of the week.”
    The Dolphins were quiet as they cleared their tables.
    Jessie wiped up every drip and speck. She didn’t want the Dolphins to fall further behind. “I’m so sorry I somehow let you down,” Jessie said to the girls as they were cleaning up. “I never thought someone else would come up with our same idea and that I should have gotten it to Ginny before the Seals did.”
    Jessie’s Dolphins were too disappointed to say anything.
    “Dolphins,” Henry said to make everyone feel better, “the Seals are ahead now, but this is only the beginning of camp.”
    “I’ll be your Buddy, Jessie,” Daisy said as the group walked back to the cabins for inspection.
    This made Jessie smile. “If there’s a Big Heart Award, you’ll win it, Daisy.” She turned to the other Dolphins. “Here are your schedules for today’s activities. Start walking to the first activity. Henry and I will meet you there in a few minutes.”
    “Can I stay with you?” Benny asked his brother and sister. “Henry gave me my schedule already. Look, here comes Violet.”
    The four Aldens stood on the porch without speaking. They looked at the campers below, who were excited to start the day. Were they ever going to feel that way about Camp Seagull?
    “We just arrived at camp,” Jessie began, “and too many things keep happening that don’t make sense. First our trunks are left behind. Next you can’t find the flags, Henry. Then Kim’s group somehow comes up with the same idea as the Dolphins.”
    “And Lizzie doesn’t obey and keeps on disappearing,” Henry said. “Don’t forget that.”
    “Right,” Jessie went on. “I have a feeling she and Kim tried to scare the Dolphins with the monster footprints so we’d lose points for screaming. But the big thing is what just happened. I have a feeling Kim somehow got Me and My Buddy from our group. But how?”
    Henry looked at Violet. “I know you can’t really talk about how your cabin decided on its Big Idea. But did anything happen that seemed suspicious?”
    Jessie stopped her sister before she could answer. “Violet, you really shouldn’t say anything about this.”
    Violet wanted to help, but she stopped herself. She knew Jessie was right.
    Henry shook his head and said, “There’s got to be a way to find out if Kim copied you.”
    Jessie turned to Violet. “It’s time to send you on your way,” she said. “It wouldn’t be fair for you to hear our plans for solving this mystery.”
    Violet walked slowly back to her cabin.
    Benny looked over at Henry. Henry’s eyebrows were scrunched together. Benny knew what that meant. Henry was cooking up a plan.
    Henry began, “On Costume Night, we’ll let the Dolphins think we’re going to dress up one way, but we’ll really have secret costumes!”
    “You mean, we’ll tell everybody we’re going to be ghosts, but then we’ll be pirates?” Benny asked.
    “Exactly!” Henry said. “The only problem is figuring out how to let Ginny and Rich know what our real costumes are ahead of time.”
    “We could give them a letter in an envelope beforehand,” Jessie suggested, “and tell them not to open it until after the costume contest. If somebody shows up with the same costumes, then they’ll know who the copycats are.”
    “Not the Aldens,” Benny said. “We’re not copycats.”
    “Let’s do it,” Henry said.

Secret Disguises
    For the next two days, Henry, Jessie, and Benny were busy every minute. They

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