Summer Intensive (Summer Kisses! YA Short Story)

Summer Intensive (Summer Kisses! YA Short Story) by Lisa Frase Read Free Book Online

Book: Summer Intensive (Summer Kisses! YA Short Story) by Lisa Frase Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lisa Frase
Summer Intensive
    I tied and tucked in my pointe shoe ribbon, then looked up and saw him . "Is that Travis Towers?"
    Chanie, m y roommate for the summer turned around to get a look. "The one and only. He is so frickin' hot."
    "He's changed ," I said. How did he go from scrawny and clumsy to that ?
    "Do you know hi m?" Chanie's eyes twinkled with excitement .
    "We partnered at Joffrey two summers ago. He was my worst nightmare." I moved my le gs into a split and began warming up with stretches .
    "Are you kidding me? Every girl here would die to draw his straw."
    "You can close your mouth , and not every girl. I don't want to partner with him. He's clumsy –dropped me more tha n once. And he's cocky." I reached for my toes until I felt the burn in my legs and back.
    "I don't see how. He's built like a god. Tall, muscled, and gorgeous." Chanie sat down next to me on the floor and started her stretches.
    "I admit he's taller, and more mus cular, and okay... he 's kind of cute, but still." I shuddered at the memory of my butt hitting the floor when he couldn't hold onto me, and it's not like I'm fat , either.
    "Well, I would love to partner with him," said Chanie.
    "Good luck with that ." I rolled up off the floor and he aded to the barre. Travis warm ed up on the other side of the room. Several girls trie d to crowd in around him. I glanc ed around the room and spied a couple of nice looking guys I hadn't seen before. One was just the right height and build for me.
    Chanie took the spot beside me. "It's a shame we can't choose our own partners. I'll probably get partnered with a gay guy."
    "I'd prefer it. At least I wouldn 't ha ve to worry about him hitting on me or trying to feel me up ." Our conversation ended abruptly when the instructor clapped her hands for our ballet class to begin.
    During warm ups on the barre, Travis was in my line of sight. I couldn't avoid seeing him in his black tights. He was at least a foot taller than he was two summers ago . His legs and arms had great muscular definition. He 'd been cute before, but , now, he was beautiful.
    Somehow , seeing Travis grow into himself pissed me off. He was such a jer k when I danced with him before. B ut , that was then. I wondered if he had changed on the inside. A snort of laughter found its way out of my nose. Everyone turned and loo ked at me. I raised my chin, looked straight ahead , and forc ed mysel f to concentrate on my elev é .
    When it was time to partner up, I crossed my fingers that I'd get the cute guy I spotted earlier. I watched him during warm ups. H is form was great , and I just knew we would look perfect together.
    The instructor lined us up –boys in the back, girls in the front. Then , she started moving the girls around to match up with the boys. I was glad there were enough guys that we wouldn't have to share partners. The cute guy was behind me. I wan ted to stay right where I was , but the instructor grabbed my hand and moved me – in front of Travis . I groaned. Lucky me. I go t the one partne r I did n't want , and I got the evil eye from every girl in the room.
    Travis moved up and placed his hands on my waist. They were larger than I remembered, and warmer.
    He whispered in my ear, "Hello, Marianna." His breath tickled my neck . I pressed my lips together to keep from giggling. At least he didn't smell like onions this time.
    We watched as the instructor and one of the boys modeled the first step. Travis moved his hands into position beneath my breasts . An odd sensation puls ed through me. I've partnered with lots of male dancers. The contact is often close a nd intimate. You get used to it.
    So , why did goose bumps race across my skin? I didn't want to be attracted to Travis. I only wanted to dance.
    How is it tha t Travis had changed so much in two years? I reminded myself that j ust because he 'd filled out physically , it didn't mean his brain had gro w n . He was immature and kind of a jerk before, so , rea lly, I

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