Summoner of Storms

Summoner of Storms by Jordan L. Hawk Read Free Book Online

Book: Summoner of Storms by Jordan L. Hawk Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jordan L. Hawk
Tags: Gay, Horror, series, vampire, gay romance, mm, demon, Occult, exorcism, possession, fbi, exorcist
not certain about the buttons—the
only ones are on their jeans, and he hasn’t yet gotten to them. But
the rest of the sentence seems more important anyway. “You called
us this earlier,” he says, sitting back to straddle John’s hips.
“But it is not the term you normally use.”
    John’s beautiful eyes are dilated, and he
smells of musk and desire. “I usually call Caleb ‘babe,’ so I
thought I should call you something else. I won’t if it bothers
    Perhaps it is foolish, but Gray cannot help
but grin in response. Out of the corner of his eye, he catches a
glimpse of his reflection in the mirror, all black eyes and exposed
    “ That is the creepiest thing I’ve ever
seen. And John is turned on by us?”
    But John is grinning, too. “I have to say,
before last night, I never imagined you smiling. I like it.”
    “Caleb says it is creepy.”
    John lets out a bark of laughter. “Don’t let
Caleb give you a complex. After all, I’m the one kissing you. And
doing other things with you, I hope.”
    “ In other words, get our pants
    Did you not constantly complain about me
as a distraction during sexual relations? But he slides off
John and removes the rest of his clothing. John does the same; he
is gorgeous in the low light of the single lamp. His skin contains
a kaleidoscope of color, from the deep rose of his erection, to the
blue of veins, to the pale pink-tan of his complexion. Gray wants
to lick every inch of it.
    John notices his stare. “Like what you see?”
he asks, stroking his cock with one hand. A delicate bead of fluid
gathers at the tip, shining in the light.
    “Yes,” Gray says, because it’s true. “You are
    The expression on John’s face softens
slightly. “Thank you. Now get your sexy ass back in bed.”
    Gray straddles him again. John’s muscular
thighs are hard against his, almost as hard as his erection. John
wraps a hand around them both, thumb teasing Gray’s slit. With his
free hand, he grips Gray’s hip, wordlessly urging him to move.
    Gray obeys, the slide of velvet skin a thing
of ecstasy, pleasure vibrating along his nerves, only to be
reflected back at him from Caleb. Now that neither of them have to
hide, the act has become even more intense.
    “Goddess, you’re so fucking hot,” John gasps,
lust-dark gaze running over them. “Riding me like this.”
    Pleasant as it is to be admired, Gray wants
more contact. He falls forward, hands planted to either side of
John’s shoulders, and kisses him hard and deep. John moans, sucking
on his tongue, body writhing and thrusting from beneath.
    Gray pulls back a bit, to kiss his throat.
“Look at me,” John whispers urgently. “I want to see your
    He lifts himself up, just far enough to do as
John has asked. The blue of John’s eyes was the first color he ever
beheld, shockingly bright and seemingly pure. But up close, the
irises are threaded with a thousand different shades, neon to
sapphire and everything in between.
    “Gray,” John pants, seeing him, wanting him . Then John cries out, face twisted in ecstasy
and heat flooding between them. His breath comes in short gasps,
but he grasps Gray’s hips, even as his body shivers in orgasm.
    Gray allows himself to be tugged forward,
until John’s lips wrap around him. Urgent and hard and wanting, so
Gray decides not to hold back, to let it all wash over him. Ecstasy
gathers like a breaking storm, drawing up tight before exploding
outwards, semen from Caleb and energy from him, messy and tangled
like everything else about their shared existence.
    As John’s breath and heartbeat fade slowly
back to their ordinary level, Gray stretches out beside him. John
turns his head for a kiss. His mouth tastes like them now, their
flavor not quite the same as Caleb alone.
    “I can feel you,” John whispers. “Your
energy. I always have, a little bit, but when you’re manifested
    “You are happy with this

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