Sun God

Sun God by Nan Ryan Read Free Book Online

Book: Sun God by Nan Ryan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nan Ryan
moonlit gardens.
    Luiz’s dark eyes closed in frustration.
    Amy Sullivan wouldn’t come downstairs to go riding with him this morning! He was a pitiful fool to have come here thinking she would. He was making a spectacle of himself. And everyone would know. Pedrico would tell all the others. He would become an object of ridicule at Orilla.
    His eyes flicked open.
    He couldn’t let that happen. He wouldn’t let it happen. Anxious to be gone from the scene of his impending shame, Luiz whirled about and strode hurriedly across the stone patio toward the tall, dense hedge at its edge.
    Emitting a sigh of relief when he had disappeared through the opening in the tall hedge, he had gone only a few steps when he heard her calling his name.
    “Tonatiuh, I’m sorry I’m so late, but I—” Amy, stepping out onto the patio, stopped and looked about, puzzled. “Tonatiuh?”
    A movement at the back hedge drew her attention. She looked up as Luiz stepped into the opening in the dense green shrubbery. Framed by the tall hedge, he stood, unmoving, feet apart, looking directly at her. Speechless, she stared back at him.
    He wore a long-sleeved shirt of sky-blue cotton and dark-brown trousers that covered all but the toes of his polished cowboy boots. Rows of silver buttons ran up the side seams of the tight pants, and around his slim waist was an elaborately intaglioed western belt. On his hands were gloves of soft velvety chamois and at his throat was a bandanna of a deep chocolate hue.
    Blue-black hair glinting in the sunlight, jet eyes locked on her, he quietly said her name.
    Nothing more. Not good morning, Amy. Not it’s nice to see you. Only Amy. But the way he said it filled her with the same strange excitement she’d felt the day he met her train.
    He started toward her and Amy felt her knees turn to water. He approached her, the clanking of his big roweled Mexican spurs in rhythm with her quickening heartbeat. When he stood directly before her, she caught the flicker of doubt in the depths of his beautiful black eyes.
    “I … I … thought you might like to go for a ride,” he said, a tiny muscle jerking involuntarily at the corner of his mouth. “But if you don’t, why, I can …”
    “Please,” she broke in, lifting her hand, longing to touch him, not daring to do so. “Take me. I want to ride with you, Tonatiuh.”
    He smiled then. It was a smile so unexpected, so warm and dazzling that she caught her breath. She blinked happily when his gloved fingers took hold of her upper arm and he quickly ushered her across the patio toward the opening in the hedge.
    “I saddled a couple of horses,” he said, still smiling broadly, then added, “just in case.”
    Amy smiled too, and looking up at his bronzed face, she wondered how he could have possibly doubted that she would want to go riding with him. But she said nothing. Happy, excited, she allowed the tall lanky young man to hurry her across the rolling back lawn and out the gate to where a couple of mounts stood saddled and waiting.
    “I chose the black mare for you, but if you’d rather have the—”
    “I want her,” Amy said, her appreciative eyes on a shimmering black with white stocking feet and a white star on her face. “She’s beautiful, Tonatiuh.”
    He beamed with pride and pleasure. He placed his hands on Amy’s waist to lift her up into the silver-trimmed, black leather saddle. He looped the long reins over the black’s neck and handed them to her. When she was astride the mare he stood smiling up at Amy, his gloved hand idly toying with the stirrup.
    “Think you remember how to ride?” he teased, feeling lighthearted for the first time in a week.
    “Catch me if you can” was Amy’s challenging answer. She wheeled the responsive black around, touched her spurless bootheels to its flanks, and the mare shot away.
    Luiz stood there for a moment, watching the beautiful girl ride away from him, her wild golden hair streaming out behind

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