Super Bad (a Superlovin' novella)

Super Bad (a Superlovin' novella) by Vivi Andrews Read Free Book Online

Book: Super Bad (a Superlovin' novella) by Vivi Andrews Read Free Book Online
Authors: Vivi Andrews
with his large body wedged into a chair. Just
looking at him contorted that way made her spine ache in sympathy.
    He jerked awake at the
sound of her voice, lurching toward her with an outstretched hand as if he had
to touch her to be sure she was really there—though they both knew her
illusions held up to the test of physical contact. Still, she caught his hand
and squeezed it hard. He looked like he’d been through the wars. Deep grooves lined
his face, bloodshot eyes squinted at her like he couldn’t quite get them open
all the way, and his clothing had been slept in at least once. Guilt and
helplessness fought for dominance in the hollow ache in her chest. She’d done
this to him. No wonder DynaGirl looked at her like she was something stuck on
the bottom of her shoe.
    “How are you feeling?” His
voice sounded like he’d swallowed rocks.
    Mirage was tempted to
turn the question back on him, but Lucien would just ignore her until she
answered him. He never thought of his own welfare when she was in trouble. Their
father hadn’t been much of a father, but Luc had more than made up for any lack
of protectiveness.
    “I’m a little fuzzy,”
she admitted. “But at the moment I’m running the show in here.” She tapped her
temple. “So, no complaints.”
    “The fuzziness is
probably the sedative. Eisenmann said it might leave you groggy.” Lucien
frowned. “No power hangover? You were burning pretty hot last night.”
    Blood. Bullets flying. A
woman screaming. The fragmented pieces of last night fit
themselves into a sloppy, chaotic image. She sat up abruptly. “Did I stab
    “You didn’t touch
anyone, but you projected an elaborate illusion into dozens of minds
simultaneously and held it up until Justice knocked you out. Do you feel
nauseous? Headache?”
    Mirage probed the
corners of her brain, looking for the ache that always accompanied overusing
her powers, but she felt nothing but waiting strength, the feeling of a muscle
well-worked and itching to be used again. “Dozens?”
    She’d never been able
to do so many before. A few at a time, easy. A simple vanishing act where she erased
herself from general awareness, no problem. But a full sensory illusion
projected on dozens of witnesses, all with different angles—which raised the
difficulty stakes considerably—she should be unconscious, collapsed under a
killer power hangover.
    Lucien shifted
nervously and Mirage’s focus cut back to him. “What?”
    “Eisenmann thinks your
abilities might be going through a kind of second puberty. He thinks you broke
through some kind of internal barrier when you and Kevin… when you…”
    “When I broke Kevin’s
    Lucien grimaced,
acknowledging with a curt nod what he hadn’t been able to say aloud. “Eisenmann
expects you to stabilize at a new plateau, but can’t predict if you’re there
yet or if your abilities will continue to grow.”
    Her brother looked
miserable at the prospect that her powers could grow still stronger. At the
moment, she couldn’t blame him. “So I’m becoming a more dangerous weapon and
we’re no closer to figuring out how to disarm me or if Kevin had already aimed
me and implanted a latent command to set me off at some undisclosed moment in
the future. Awesome.”
    “We’d like to trace
your steps. See if we can get any clues from the days you were missing.”
    “I don’t remember
anything before the vault.” But from the moment Captain Justice had walked into
her life, everything was crystal clear. Even the parts where she hadn’t been
herself were coming back with unusual clarity.
    There had been a moment,
right before he’d knocked her out… he’d done something to her when he
asked her what she was doing. She’d felt it push her thoughts into
order. It was invasive, unsettling, but had it helped?
    “Captain Justice thinks
he can help you remember,” Lucien said, his face a study in neutrality. “But
it’s your choice. You

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