Superhero by Victor Methos Read Free Book Online

Book: Superhero by Victor Methos Read Free Book Online
Authors: Victor Methos
details. For protection, he had said. Too much information was too much power and only those responsible enough to handle that power should be trusted with it.
    Reese could see a massive black figure moving at the far end of the room. It hauled metal beams to the opposite wall where they were being bolted to the floor and ceiling. The structure almost looked like steel shelves. Reese walked to the figure, Agamemnon’s massive frame coming into focus as he approached.
    “You’re limping,” Agamemnon said in his grainy, electric voice.
    “We finished the Red Salamander. I got grazed in the leg. Tyrell got his ankle blown out.” Of all the Myrs, he was the only one that did not need to end his responses with sir .
    “All of them are gone?”
    Reese paused, surprised that Agamemnon didn’t comment on the man that would need a cane permanently now because of him. “Every single one.”
    Agamemnon nodded as he laid down the beams. “And how many of our brothers were lost?”
    “Four. And two arrested. Including Jimmy.”
    “We will hold a memorial for them tonight and remember them.”
    Reese nodded.
    Agamemnon didn’t say anything at first, the silence filled with the sound of his breaths inhaled through the circuitry of his voice box. “What else, brother?”
    “Someone there hurt James. That’s how they got him.”
    “I don’t know. He was in the crowd. They interviewed him on the news; I saw that. I don’t remember the name.”
    Agamemnon turned toward one of the men working on the machinery. A thin man with thick glasses that used a blowtorch to meld two pieces of steel. “Brother,” Agamemnon said, “Reese needs help. You will help him.”
    The man nodded.
    “I want your permission to kill him when I find him,” Reese said.
    “Granted. There is something else.”
    “The two that were caught, including James. We must ensure that they do not speak to the police.”
    Reese’s eyes went wide and icy fear trickled down his back. “No…they wouldn’t. Not in a million years. I’ve known Jimmy since we was teenagers livin’ on the streets. No way.”
    “There is only one way to make certain.”
    Reese lowered his head. He had known Jimmy so long he couldn’t picture his life without him. Even the thought of it filled him with a deep loneliness.
    “You were lovers?” Agamemnon inquired.
    “We all have our weakness, brother. This was yours. You must rectify it yourself.”
    “You…you want me to—”
    “It is not because of ‘want’ that I ask this of you. We are few and if we were to be found here, our numbers could be thinned in one stroke. Our work is too important to leave to the fickle loyalties of a few.”
    “But…what if we set them free? What if I broke in there and got them out?”
    Agamemnon considered this. “Very well. But it is your responsibility. It will be your failure if you do not succeed. Understood?”
    “Yes. What about the man on the news?”
    Agamemnon waved his hand dismissively as he turned back to the machines. “Kill him however you like.”

    Disneyland was crowded today to the point that Jack felt awkward. It’d been years since he’d been around this many people at one time and he wasn’t sure how to act. He kept thinking everyone was staring at him, noticing his awkwardness. His niece sensed his apprehension and held his hand as they went from ride to ride, never letting go.
    After half a day of spinning and looping and twisting, he felt like he was going to vomit. He sat on one of the benches, catching his breath as Nicole went behind the benches to a candy shop with Autumn. Jack’s brother-in-law sat next to him and groaned as he lowered himself.
    “My damn knees,” Hank said. “They haven’t been the same since playing football in high school.”
    “You should try barefoot running. It corrected a lot of the knee and back problems I was having.”
    “Barefoot? As in no

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