Surrender by Serena Grey Read Free Book Online

Book: Surrender by Serena Grey Read Free Book Online
Authors: Serena Grey
and smoky with desire. He looks totally aroused, and incredibly beautiful.
    “Please.” I hear myself say.
    Slowly he starts to move, stroking sweetly in and out of me, until my legs feel weak and boneless, until I can’t feel anything, only him, only his slow, sweet, tortuous movements inside me.
    I lose myself to the pleasure, pulsing and needy, moaning and panting as my body tightens around him. He groans, leaning his hands on the wall, as he starts to move faster, thrusting with sure, slick movements of his hips. I’m going to explode, I realize as my body bows and arches off the wall. I clutch his shoulders, my voice rising as my breath comes out in a long high moan. His lips cover mine, swallowing my scream as my body explodes around him, the same moment, I feel him stiffen and thrust hard one last time, his body shuddering fiercely as he groans out my name.
    We stay there for a while, him still inside me, both of us breathing deeply as we lean on the wall. He’s still almost fully dressed, while I’m completely naked, my legs shaking and wrapped around his waist.
    “Come home,” He whispers against my ear, his voice rough.
    Oh, I want to. I’d like to follow him wherever he goes. I want to give him anything he wants, and why wouldn’t I, when he’s just made me feel so good. He’s still inside me, and where we’re joined, I can still feel a sweet pulsing ache.
    “Come home Sophie.” He says again.
    My eyes focus. My fingers are threaded in his hair, my breasts pressed against his chest. Right in front of me, I can see the door the waiters have been coming through. I know no one will come in while we’re like this. No one will come in unless we ring the bell.
    But still, we’ve just had sex in public, in a restaurant.
    I pull back from him, pulling my fingers from his hair, and pushing against him until he lets me go. I ignore the aftershocks of pleasure that run through me as he slips out of me, trying to stop my trembling as he sets me on my feet.
    Why does this feel so familiar?
    It’s hard, but not impossible to find the answer buried somewhere under the lingering cloud of arousal in my brain. This is David, and sex is his weapon.
    He’s standing in front of me, towering over me. I stare at his shirt, noticing that I pulled off at least three buttons. “I have to go.” The words come out in a whisper.
    “No, you don’t.”
    I move away from him and start to dress, hurriedly pulling on my clothes. “I think I do.” I hiss angrily. “You’re obviously not…” I pause and take a deep breath. “You said you wanted to talk David,” I accuse him, “but of course it’s much easier for you to make me want you, and then make your demands when the last thing on my mind is saying no.”
    His face hardens. I watch as he starts to adjust his clothes, his movements swift and mechanical, but still so mouthwateringly graceful.
    “Aren’t you going to say anything?” I ask, as the silence stretches, “Aren’t you going to at least try to explain why you brought me here telling me that you wanted to talk while all you wanted was to break me down the best way you know how?”
    “What would you like me to say?” he mutters. “You think what just happened here was about me trying to coerce you into doing something you don’t want? Well I wanted you, Sophie. I wanted you so much I wouldn’t have cared if the whole restaurant could see us. How about considering that for a change? That all night I’ve wanted you, that I’d have eagerly taken you on the table, on the chair, anywhere in this room.” He glares at me. “You want me to apologize for that? Well I’m not sorry.”
    Why am I suddenly trembling and needy, wanting him again? I take a deep, shuddering breath. “And it’s always about what you want, isn’t it?” I say, fighting to control my desires, “Well this is what I want David, I want you to leave me alone.”
    He doesn’t say anything. He watches me silently as I pick up my

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