Surrender to Her Spanish Husband

Surrender to Her Spanish Husband by Maggie Cox Read Free Book Online

Book: Surrender to Her Spanish Husband by Maggie Cox Read Free Book Online
Authors: Maggie Cox
    Could she make it any more clear how little she wanted to do with him? Each word flayed him.
    Taking a long draught of the water she had poured him, Rodrigo returned the glass to the table, wiped his napkin over his lips and got up, before quietly saying. ‘I should get back to what I was doing. There’s still quite a bit to do. Thanks for the meal.’
    She ached to say something to make him linger, but sheer hurt at the fact they were no longer together overwhelmed Jenny and she sat in silence as he walked across the floor and went out.
    That evening, as they sat across the table from each other finishing their evening meal, Jenny began to realise how unwell she was feeling. Not just a tad on the warm side either. Her skin was fever-hot.
    Resisting the urge to touch her hand to her head to gauge her temperature, she tugged the sides of the dressing gown she’d donned after her bath more securely over her chest. ‘If this rain continues to fall we’ll have to build an ark.’ She smiled. ‘Your carpentry skills will certainly come in handy.’
    The timbre of her own voice took her aback. It sounded as if she regularly smoked cigarettes and downed whisky. Damn! She hoped she wasn’t developing a cold. That was the last thing she needed when she was in a position of responsibility while her friend was away.
    ‘Are you all right?’ Rodrigo enquired, black eyes sweeping what she now knew must be her fever-bright reflection.
    ‘I’m sorry…’ Jenny mumbled. The drugging fatigue that washed over her was making her suddenly long for her bed. She pushed to her feet. ‘I’m afraid I’m not feeling too good all of a sudden. I’ll have to go to bed. Take your time finishing your food. There’s no hurry. I mean of course it’s up to you when you want to call it a day, it’s just that…well…can I ask you a favour?’
    ‘Ask away.’ His dark gaze continuing to mirror concern, Rodrigo also stood up.
    ‘Do you think you could turn off the lights for me and make sure that Cozette is in her basket before you go up to your room? She’s probably hiding somewhere again because of the storm. The thunder and lightning really spook her.’
    ‘I’ll do everything you ask, but will you be okay? Studying you now, I can see that you look quite feverish. Shall I call a doctor?’
    ‘Heavens, no. I’m just getting a bit of a cold after being in and out of the rain, that’s all. I’m sure it won’t hang around long.’ But all the same Jenny put her hand up to her head. Her fingers almost sizzled at the burning heat that emanated from her skin. ‘I’ll—I’ll get a good night’s sleep and I’m sure I’ll be feeling back to my normal self in the morning. What time do you think you’d like your breakfast?’
    ‘Any time that you—Jenny? Are you sure you are all right?’
    ‘I’m fine. I just need to—’ To accompany her skyhigh temperature, a wave of sickness arose inside her stomach. Her sight was going worryingly hazy, and Jenny sensed the strength in her legs frighteningly desert her. In the next surreal moment her knees crumpled like paper and the warm bricked floor rushed towards her.
    The last thing she remembered before she blacked out was Rodrigo catching her as she fell. His arms were strong as iron bars as he swept her up close to his chest. There was a faint scent of some arrestingly exotic cologne on the air just before darkness closed in on her and she surrendered to unconsciousness with impunity…
    Having found Jenny’s bedroom by glimpsing some feminine clothing thrown over a chair beside a bed through a slightly ajar door on the same landing as his, Rodrigo kicked the door further open and carried her limp body across to it.
    Bending a little to yank down the freshly laundered covers, he carefully lowered his charge onto smoothly ironed white sheets. As soon as he had done so she turned onto her side, clearly shivering despite the warm woollen dressing gown she wore. His heart all but

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