Survivalist - 18 - The Struggle

Survivalist - 18 - The Struggle by Jerry Ahern Read Free Book Online

Book: Survivalist - 18 - The Struggle by Jerry Ahern Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jerry Ahern
beneath the sea—Iwo Jima.
    Iwo Jima was, of course, steeped in the history of World War Two, but whatever might have remained to remind the people of future years of this war had long since been washed away in the unprecedented tsunamis which had swept virtually every island and coastal area in the Pacific Basin when California fell into the sea.
    Aboard the Reagan, Darkwood was the only person
    who knew the current status of Iwo Jima as a top secret training facility for a group of men whose very existence was only rumor: The Special Warfare Group.
    The Special Warfare Group, or “Gs” as they called themselves, consisted of volunteers from both the Navy and the Marine Corps, their training program accelerated since Mid-Wake’s first encounter with the Rourke family, the reason for their inception that much more dramatized. For some time, under the leadership of Jacob Fellows, President of Mid-Wake, Admiral Rahn, Chief of Naval Operations, and General Gonzalez, Commandant of the Marine Corps, had quietly been siphoning away some of the very best men in both branches of service. Darkwood had originally learned of the program when General Gonzalez had tried to hire off Sam Aldridge, Aldridge originally tapped for one of the Gs’ leadership positions, then lost to the Soviets during a commando raid on their submarine pens to gather intelligence on the unification of Soviet nuclear technology and their Island Class submarine fleet. Aldridge had been presumed dead. After helped to escape by John Rourke and the subsequent conclusion of Rourke’s battle with the Soviet surface commander, Vladimir Karamatsov, Sam Aldridge was offered the job again, refusing, feeling he could do more as part of the corps rather than training for a war that was not yet to be fought.
    And that was the crux of the issue from which the Gs had sprung: that a land war with Soviet forces might someday be inevitable and to prepare for that day a small group of highly trained special warfare personnel had to be ready to respond to the first wave, then form the nucleus around which a larger United States land force might be formed.
    The Gs trained principally and were domiciled on Iwo Jima.
    Without orders, he was proceeding there now. It would have been possible to work a radio relay through the system of communications buoys—perhaps—but such a radio message might well have been intercepted. From what little Annie Rubenstein had said when she was brought aboard, the land-based Soviet empire was embarked upon an offensive of unprecedented magnitude. If this were in some way connected to the Soviet forces beneath the waves which Darkwood and five centuries’ worth of Americans from Mid-Wake had fought, the information was too valuable to risk sending to Mid-Wake by conventional means.
    Yet, linking Iwo Jima to Mid-Wake was a laser optic cable, its security unquestionable, because to tamper with the cable’s armoring would automatically sever the communications link.
    He was violating security to preserve security.
    The shape of Iwo Jima, as well as its size, had altered several times over the five centuries since the Night of the War. A large lagoon, deep enough for a careful submarine skipper to enter and exit, lay on the east side of the island.
    The Gs’ base was somewhere inland.
    Finding it was the most expeditious means of notifying Mid-Wake of the Soviet surface offensive and querying Naval Operations concerning the possibilities of somehow contacting Doctor Rourke concerning Rourke’s daughter’s survival.
    He tapped his finger against the holomap, then looked at his watch.
    If he didn’t want to be late for Margaret Barrow, he’d have to set a new speed record for paperwork.

Chapter Five
    The Chairman’s office was one of the few places where they could be alone, the invasion of the First City and the subsequent withdrawal of the Soviet Forces having turned everything upside down. But one thing never seemed to change, Sarah Rourke

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