Surviving The Biker (Motorcyle Club Romance)

Surviving The Biker (Motorcyle Club Romance) by K.L. Middleton, Cassie Alexandra Read Free Book Online

Book: Surviving The Biker (Motorcyle Club Romance) by K.L. Middleton, Cassie Alexandra Read Free Book Online
Authors: K.L. Middleton, Cassie Alexandra
and get some. We’re really getting low.”
    “Good idea.”
    I went to the kitchen and spotted Trevor by the sink, loading the last of the dirty glasses into the large dishwasher. He had his hair pulled back into a ponytail and wore a black doo rag.
    “What’s up?” he asked, glancing at me.
    “I’m just checking to see if you have some clean ones ready yet.”
    He nodded toward a crate of glasses. “Those are clean.”
    “Okay,” I said, noticing his jacket, which was slung over a metal chair, a few feet from the sink. “Oh, do we have any more Bloody Mary mix? I should bring some out.”
    “It’s in the cooler,” he said, nodding toward a pair of metal doors.
    I laughed nervously. “Could you get it for me? I saw a mouse in there last week. It freaked the hell out of me.”
    “A mouse in the cooler?”
    I nodded.
    Sighing, Trevor turned off the water and marched over to the cooler. When he was inside, I quickly rushed over to his jacket and slipped the phone back into one of the pockets. As I was moving away, he walked out of the cooler with two bottles of Clamato. “Will this work?”
    “Yeah, thanks,” I replied, as he handed it to me. “I owe you.”
    Not answering, Trevor walked back over to the sink and began washing dishes again.
    “You okay?” I asked, noticing the way his jaw was set.
    He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. “I’m fine. Misty still out there?”
    “Yeah, where else would she be?”
    His phone began to ring and I jumped.
    “Someone’s a little jittery today,” said Trevor walking over to his jacket. He pulled out his phone and looked at the screen.
    “Who is it?”
    “Tank,” he replied and then answered the phone.
    I listened as he talked with Tank, my heart pounding wildly in my chest.
    “What do you mean you’ve been trying to call me? My phone hasn’t rang in the last half hour,” said Trevor. “Seriously, brother. I haven’t heard it ring.”
    Swallowing, I turned around and quickly left the kitchen.

Chapter Seven

    I stared ahead in horror as the sounds of the couple having sex made me want to throw up. I recognized the woman’s voice right away – it was Brandy’s, and the name she’d cried out had gutted me.
    I hung up the phone and threw it across my bedroom, crying. The realization of what was happening seemed to hurt worse than anything I’d encountered in the past. Even the death of my father and best friend seemed to be overshadowed by the heart-wrenching pain I was feeling at the moment.
    How could he do this to me?
    I crawled into my bed, curled up into a ball, and sobbed. There was no doubt in my mind that Brandy’s baby was Trevor’s and that he’d lied about everything. My mother had been right about him from the very beginning. The man was nothing but a despicable pig and I vowed to never trust anything that came out of his mouth ever again.

Chapter Eight

    “You find anything?” I asked Tank, still wondering why I hadn’t heard my phone go off. After looking at the call log, I’d found he’d been right. He’d definitely tried calling me more than once. I decided to contact my cell phone provider and rip them a new one. Something was obviously wrong and it was usually their fault.
    “Yeah. That’s why I’ve been trying to call you. We’ve learned a lot of shit. Get a load of this – Misty wasn’t only fucking Breaker, but she was his Old Lady.”
    My eyes widened. “What?”
    “Yeah. Apparently, they’d hooked up after he got out of prison. We found some emails from her to both Breaker and Mud.”
    “Why the fuck was she working for Slammer then?” I said, thinking that Misty was even nuttier than we’d imagined.
    “Isn’t it obvious? She’s the rat we’ve been trying to flush out all along. Obviously she was working for us before Breaker died, to get information, and now she’s doing it for revenge. From the sound of her emails to

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