Sweet Seduction

Sweet Seduction by M Andrews Read Free Book Online

Book: Sweet Seduction by M Andrews Read Free Book Online
Authors: M Andrews
Grayson last night over Jax,” I finally admit.
    “The lead singer from Waking the Fallen?” she asks.
    “The very one. I ran into him again at Grayson’s house on Saturday, apparently he has been doing all the work on my brother’s house. He’s been under my nose this entire time and I didn’t even know it. Well, we ended up spending the night together again. Before I left for dinner, we agreed to start dating. But Pippa let it slip that Jax and I are a thing, and Grayson freaked out and basically gave me an ultimatum, him or Jax, and, well I chose Jax. It’s just a huge mess.”
    “So where is Jax. Why isn’t he here with you?”
    “I was supposed to go over to his place after dinner but then the fight happened, and I needed to get some space to think about what I'm going to do.” I lay my head back against the cushion, covering my face with my hand. “I’m just so confused right now. I don’t want to disappoint my brother, but I just can’t let go of Jax. I know I barely know him but I can’t shake the feeling that he’s my end game.” I let out a deep sigh.
    “I know how important Grayson’s opinion is to you, but I think in this case you just have to tell him to shove it up his ass. Only you know what’s best for you and if Jax is that, then go fucking get him.”
    “But what if I messed things up by not showing up last night?”
    “If he cares about you at all, he’ll forgive you.” She gives me a warm reassuring smile.
    “I hope you are right.”
    “I know I’m right, and when he takes you back you can pay me back by giving his lead guitarist, Brian, my number.” She cockily smiles.
    “Oh for Christ sakes.” I roll my eyes at her.
    “What? He’s fucking hot as hell.” She laughs, ducking as I throw one of the pillows at her.
    “Now will you please leave so I can get some sleep?”
    “You’re grumpy even when you’re getting some,” she teases.
    “Get out!”

    The kitchen is quiet for the first time all night. The last of my line cooks and wait staff have all gone home, and I’m sitting in the kitchen alone going through the final numbers for the night. We were surprisingly busy for a Monday night. It helped take my mind off Jax.
    I couldn’t get Jen to leave after she basically barged into my apartment, but having her there did help me to finally sleep. Her boring stories of the ER night shift always put me right to sleep. I got about five hours of sleep, which helped to clear the fog out of my head and gave me a little clarity about my decision to keep seeing Jax.
    After a long hot shower and a gallon of coffee, I drove over to Jax’s loft before I headed to the restaurant to apologize for not showing up, but he was already gone. I just hope it’s not too late to fix this.
    I finish adding up the last of the receipts and start packing up for the night. It’s after midnight and I don’t care if Jax is asleep when I get to his place, he’s going to hear what I have to say. I’ll even sit outside his front door all night if that’s what it takes. As I reach for my phone, it starts to ring, it’s Pippa. I don’t know if I’m ready to talk to her, because I know she will want to talk about what happened last night. I let out a heavy sigh and answer the call anyway.
    “Hi Pip.”
    “Hi Lex, I just wanted to call and see how you are doing?”
    “I’ve been better,” I reply.
    “Are you with Jax?”
    “Are you asking because you really want to know or did my brother ask you to call me to find out?” I snarl.
    “Hey, don’t throw attitude at me, I’m on your side in this. I genuinely called to see how you are doing,” she bites back. Now I feel like a giant asshole.
    “I’m sorry Pip, I wouldn’t put it past Grayson to use you to get details on Jax and me."
    “I’m not telling him a goddamn thing. I’m barely even speaking to him after his childish display last night.”
    “Now I feel bad for putting you in the middle of all of this, especially if

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