Swerve by Michelle McGriff Read Free Book Online

Book: Swerve by Michelle McGriff Read Free Book Online
Authors: Michelle McGriff
were. He’d seen them come from another room while he waited to be called. They avoided eye contact with him, which let him know they’d sold her out. Pricks.
    â€œWe’re gonna be watching you, Detective Jack. You have a problem with the directional signal on your loyalty gauge. She killed a cop tonight.”
    â€œWhat?” Keliegh exploded, standing straight up. The men who came into the room stood as if guarding the door. Keliegh had to wonder if this clown was about to take him on a few rounds. Unconsciously, he puffed up just a little, flexing and breathing a little harder.
    â€œNow calm your ass down. What I’m saying is, you are all ready to hang up your badge for your ex-partner, who is clearly as guilty as sin, and—”
    â€œAnd you’re crazy.” Keliegh fanned his hand toward Maxwell as if to say, “Bah humbug.” “I don’t know what Hank and that punk Aston told you but, excuse me, Romia is a loyal cop. A good cop.”
    â€œA cop who snapped tonight and killed a fellow officer because he touched her.”
    â€œOh, my ga…” Keliegh swagged his head in a negative argument. “That is so off base. You are so off base. What, did Aston and Hank tell you that too?”
    Maxwell Huntington just looked at Keliegh with an expression that read,
    â€œYou can go, Detective Jack,” Maxwell Huntington, the head of IA, barked, dismissing Keliegh without further discussion. “You’re suspended until further notice.”
    Keliegh stood his ground for a moment before shaking his head in disgust at this whole matter and walking out. He wasn’t sure what to feel but he knew he had to find Romia.

Chapter 7
    The block was quiet, but that was somewhat normal for Romia’s neighborhood. She lived on the “good” end of the Palemos, if you wanted to call it that. But then again, Romia had little fear, so Keliegh never really worried about where she lived as much as he worried about her, as a whole. Like now, he was worried sick. His stomach was even starting to cramp up. Fighting the growing emotions, blaming it on the late-night street activities, thoughts about his career and the strong feeling he was being tailed, Keliegh didn’t give into the fact that his only focus was on Romia’s safety. Keliegh didn’t give into the fact that his concern over her was clouding his reason. Why would she have come home?
    Idiot! Keliegh thought, mentally bashing himself. He just realized then, too, that he’d not even given Shashoni a second thought as he whipped into Romia’s complex.
    Locking the door of his car, he looked around for stalkers. It wasn’t as if he was hard to spot. Standing an easy six three or four in flat bare feet, if he was on the run he’d be caught in a moment. Maybe that was what was bothering him about Romia. She was not the kind of person who blended in well either. Maybe that was what he found so fascinating about her. She was so…different.
    Keliegh reached her door and slid his spare key in the lock. He’d had a spare since they were partners. She reluctantly gave him one after having accepted his—for emergencies, of course. One day, not long after he was promoted to detective, he found his spare on his desk; she’d returned it. He wasn’t about to do the same and return the key to her place. He had his pride, and…
    â€œâ€¦And good thing, too,” he mumbled, turning the lock and easing the door open. Not sure if his prints were still on anything in her place, considering how long it’d been since he’d visited, he made note of all he touched: the light, the door, the chair. The chair was thrown over. “Daaaamn!” he exclaimed, noticing that more than the chair was out of place. The apartment was a mess. He could see this as soon as his eyes focused to the dim light.
    The living room had been professionally, albeit ruthlessly, tossed. Looking

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