SwitchBack: A Paranormal Werewolf Romance (Knightsbridge Canyon Series Book 1)

SwitchBack: A Paranormal Werewolf Romance (Knightsbridge Canyon Series Book 1) by David VanDyke, Drew VanDyke Read Free Book Online

Book: SwitchBack: A Paranormal Werewolf Romance (Knightsbridge Canyon Series Book 1) by David VanDyke, Drew VanDyke Read Free Book Online
Authors: David VanDyke, Drew VanDyke
and coming home always intimidated me. I was a moody bitch growing up and still am sometimes, and didn’t like being reminded of that fact, which is why I usually avoid things like Homecoming and class reunions.
    Forgive yourself, the little voice in my head said. I promised to try.
    “Yeah. Maybe I will,” I replied to her and myself both.           
    Will threw the kickstand back on the recliner and pounced out of the chair. “Hey Mom. I’m gonna show Ashlee the rest of the house. Let her see what we’ve done with the place.”
    “Of course, dear.”
    Omigod! Why did he have to be so cute with his mother? And me without mine, since I was eleven. At least corporeally.
    But he was, and he pulled me up off the couch and motioned me over. “As you can see, I stripped the paint off the mantel and off all the floor and sideboards, leaving the natural walnut to breathe. This place was made simple, but they used really good techniques in the joins.” He rambled on about renovation as I ran my hand over the polished grain. It looked like he’d put a lot of love into the job and I said so.
    Will smiled shyly and my heart went pitter-pat. I was such a goner! Inwardly I groaned. What the hell was I doing? This wasn’t going to work, me the world traveler and him the small-town guy.
    Will showed me how he’d done the same refinishing with the French doors that slid into the wall, and talked about hand-beveling and then showed me the wall with the china cabinet where we used to keep only the best dishes for when guests were over. We usually ate in the kitchen otherwise. The etched panes of crystal seemed to glitter and the light from the chandelier over the dining room table refracted rainbows along the wall as he opened and closed the cupboards, showing me the gleaming burnished solid brass hinges. God, I loved this place, though I really didn’t understand as a child how nice it all was.
    We hardly ever do.
    They’d cleaned up the sun porch that opened off the dining room and added a settee and a breakfast nook and I smiled as I remember how often I’d retreated to this room as a child to read about the Patchwork Girl in Oz, and Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Will then let me out the side door of the house and showed me the well-tended gardens where my father and I had pulled weeds and the now-huge chrysanthemums we’d planted years ago. He walked me around the back and showed me how he’d turned the tomato garden where we used to have mud-fights in the late summer into a small rock garden and how he’d resurfaced the patio and rebuilt the sandstone outdoor barbecue that was still shaded by a couple of plum trees. Sliding open the garage, I caught the whiff of gasoline and the same smell of freshly mown grass that clung to his well-oiled tools occupying the back wall. And he showed me the motorcycle he was building from scratch that looked like he hadn’t worked on it for a while, but would get back to, once the landscaping season slowed down in winter.
    “Hey! Is that crawlspace still up here?” I asked and climbed up the slatted wall on the left side of the garage to peek my head into a small storage area. On a sleeping bag up there we’d felt each other up for the first time, hiding from the world and discovering clumsy teenage lust.
    “Don’t go up there!” he said, but I already had.
    “Looks like you haven’t been up here in a while.” I saw it clean and empty. I climbed down, snickering.
    “Yeah, well, there’s this thing called the internet now,” he replied, sheepish.
    “What, no girlfriend to take care of your base carnal needs?” I asked with false lightness.
    “No, Ash. Not since you.”
    Wow. I felt honored, and more than a bit pressured. He really had waited. I gave him a peck on the cheek.
    “What was that for?”
    “Because you’re so cute when you turn red.” I hugged him again and then stepped away.
    “Let me see the rest of the house.” I ran toward the garage door,

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