Sworn to Secrecy (Special Ops)

Sworn to Secrecy (Special Ops) by Capri Montgomery Read Free Book Online

Book: Sworn to Secrecy (Special Ops) by Capri Montgomery Read Free Book Online
Authors: Capri Montgomery
against the ironing board and the iron fell. Because I loved being pretty much right under my mother I was sitting on the floor by the ironing board so when the iron fell it fell on me. I was wearing shorts and…well…at least it made them stop fighting.” She shrugged. “It’s kind of hard to fight when your little girl is screaming to the top of her lungs.”
    “They shouldn’t have been fighting around you.”
    “About a month after that, my mother…died. Her plane crashed while she was on the way to see her parents. I think it broke my dad’s heart. He looked after me a lot more after that. We were all each other had. I think knowing he almost lost me too probably made him care more.”
    “You were supposed to be on that plane.”
    She nodded. “He says I wasn’t, but I remember my mom telling me we were going to see my grand ma-ma, as I always called her. I remember her telling me that, but when the day came for my mom to leave she didn’t take me with her. Dad says I remember it wrong, but I know I’m not wrong.”
    “We’ll get this sorted out, Carissa. You won’t have to be in hiding forever, but I can’t take you back right now. I need to know what’s going on before I take you back.”
    She smiled at him, relief flickering in her eyes. “Thank you, not just for saving my life, but for keeping me safe. But in order to find out everything you are going to have to take me back to Texas at some point.”
    “Yeah, I know,” he admitted reluctantly. He had already talked to Preston and they had nothing at this point. He was still trying to find out some information, and he was going to look into Special Agent Garrison, but right now they were at a great disadvantage when it came to having information on the enemy. They all agreed he and Carissa should stay in the Keys a little longer. He would love to keep her there until she healed completely, but he knew that wasn’t an option. They didn’t have long enough to wait for that. They would have to go back. Whatever she was hiding was important and they needed it to see just who they could trust here and where they were going. OTG was a stable domestic terrorist group. No agency had gotten close enough to take them down. By way of terrorists, this group was full of geniuses. He figured they had the best hackers money could buy, a militia trained in the art of war, maybe some of them were former military themselves, and they definitely had enough money to buy weapons and their secure compound. He figured Carissa’s father is where the money part came into play. He didn’t know how long Ronald had been mixed up with this cell, but he knew if the man was funneling money to them then they had deep pockets.
    When he got his rescue mission assignment he didn’t bank on things getting this complicated. He thought a simple in and out mission was all he had coming his way, but now he had something just as important—now he needed to help stop Carissa’s father from killing her. He needed to try to help take down one of the biggest domestic terrorist cells in history and he needed to do it sooner rather than later. Maybe the most unsettling part was that he didn’t think he could accomplish the last part of the equation. OTG had been on the government watch list for the past fifteen years from what he had heard. In those years they had grown stronger, starting with a small handful of devoted followers and growing to over three hundred thousand strong. At least that’s the information he had been able to get from Preston.
    “So how long are we staying here?”
    “A couple weeks probably. Preston wants to gather more information, see who we can trust and get some things sorted out before I take you back to Austin. At least it will give you a little time to heal. You need that.”
    “I’m feeling better than before…or is that just the pain killers you gave me?”
    He chuckled. “The pain killers,” he

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