Syncopated Rhythm

Syncopated Rhythm by Erik Schubach Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Syncopated Rhythm by Erik Schubach Read Free Book Online
Authors: Erik Schubach
about the people and less about us.  I thought it was amazing.  And she was right, everything would be the same except who sang the solos yet it changed everything about the concept and impact of the video.  Kimi and Skylar were grinning back at my imp who looked like she wanted to crawl into a hole and die.
    Evan nodded.  “Interesting, but we already have a solid plan here.  If there are no other questions, your helpers can show you to the group location.  Wardrobe, hair, and makeup will meet you up there and get you all situated.”
    He stood to indicate that the planning meeting was over and everyone started filing out.  A couple artists encouraged Kylee as they walked past her.  She was as pale as a ghost.  Kimi and Skylar both stopped to give her a grin.  After everyone else left I stepped next to her.  “You OK?”
    She nodded sheepishly.  “I guess.  Why did you do that?  I was so embarrassed.”
    I shook my head.  “Because everyone seemed to be offering suggestions except you and I knew you had stuff.  I just didn't know that your stuff was that cool.  You did that this morning?  Holy crap woman, you got skills.”
    She shrugged.  “I had already sent it to the production teams.  If they thought it was any good they would have brought it up here.  I send ideas all the time.”
    I tilted my head.  “How many do they use?  And how many do they dismiss out of hand like this one?”
    She frowned.  “They have never used any of my ideas except for the time Leanne stole one from me and presented it to them after they already shot it down from me.”
    I was shocked and pissed off at that revelation.  “What the hell Ky!?  Did you call her out on it?”
    She shook her head.  “No.  All I have to do is get through this internship and I'm hoping to get a real position somewhere.  The fewer waves I make before that happens, the safer I'll be.”
    I snapped.  “You were born to stand out and make waves!  You need to make them stand up and take notice. Your vision for this video was leaps and bounds better than what we are about to do.”
    Her bubbly self was missing as she hugged her iPad to her chest with her eyes down.  “We should get going and get you handed over to wardrobe, hair, and makeup.”  She started out of the room without me.  Crap, did I just put my foot in it?
    When we got to the shoot, there were people bustling everywhere around the set.  Before I knew it, a twenty something girl was grabbing my elbow and leading me toward a dressing room.  “Hi, I'm Taylor and I'll be helping you get ready for the set today Miss LaLanie.”
    I shot a look of mock terror toward Kylee, her face finally broke into a grin again as she mouthed “Sorry.” She hopped up on a studio chair to wait for my re-emergence.  I relaxed a bit, at least she is smiling again.
    Taylor was smooth and professional but the outfit she was giving me was... “No!  Absolutely not. I'll wear long sleeved shirts and pants only.  No sexy elf skirts and barely there tops!  Harmony Trax should have sent instructions on my wardrobe.”
    She looked at her notes.  “They did, the producer was just hoping you'd reconsider, this would get more viewers.  With your body...”
    I shook my head and cut her off.  “Absolutely not.”
    She sighed in resignation and then rooted around on the racks for a moment then came up with a festive outfit that I knew I'd rock.  I nodded.  “Much better, and if we accessorize it right, this will be just as sexy as you wanted.”  I stared at her as she started reaching for my shirt.  “Whoa.  Did none of my instructions get to you?  Out with you.  I dress myself.”
    She looked at her notes again and nodded as she left the room.  Perhaps she should have done that BEFORE meeting with me.
    I listened to the screaming silence for a moment as I stood... alone.  I shook myself and started getting ready.  I was frustrated by my confrontation with Taylor and was

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