Tackling Her Heart
needing to push himself to forget the woman who was half the world
away from him at that moment. He needed to focus and stay in peak
physical shape, not daydream about having Sofia in his
    Had he forgotten what she’d done to
Maddox? No, he hadn’t. She could be dangerous with the words she
typed, and he couldn’t forget that. The plan had been to woo her
into bed, and then use their tryst as leverage to keep her quiet.
It had sounded good when he’d dreamed it up, but now it sounded
like a dick move. Maybe it had been for the best that they’d been
interrupted, especially since he was as far as possible from every
sports reporter he knew.
    A movement near the water caught his
attention. Someone had made their way into his private cove and now
stood on the deck to his villa. Best to nip that one in the bud,
since he didn’t need unwanted guests during his lengthy stay. He
swam toward the person and once he was within a few feet, he
    Surprise rippled through him as he
glanced at who stood before him in a tiny white bikini.
    “ What are you doing here,

Chapter Eight
    Sofia could barely answer, what with
all that muscular chest for her to feast her eyes on. Water beaded
on his tanned skin, and she watched some of it trail over his
muscles, the sunlight shining over him. Marc Anders was the sexiest
man she’d ever witnessed.
    “ Sofia?”
    Oh crap. He’s talking
again and assuming I’m going to have half enough brain left to
answer. “I heard … through the grapevine …
that you were getting out of town. People want to know your side of
the story,” she said, trying not to gawk at him.
    “ Haven’t we tried this
before?” he asked. “You were a little skittish about paying my
    This time it would be a little
different. She couldn’t come back without a story. She’d already
hinted to her editor that she was in the midst of a big interview
with Marc Anders, the notorious mediaphobe, and it was the only
reason she’d had a trip to Tahiti approved. If she showed up back
home without it, she’d lose her job, for sure.
    And there was a tiny
niggle telling her she was prostituting herself for a story. Yet at
the same time she used her feminine wiles to get gossip and intel,
so what was the difference? She wanted Marc, had for a long time.
This way, she got him into bed and got the story.
    “ I’ll pay your price,” she
said, a shiver racing up her spine.
    Marc’s face was emotionless as he
observed her. After a moment, a slow, wicked smile turned up the
corners of his mouth. “Prove it. Come here and kiss me.”
    Sofia screwed up her courage, pausing
a moment to find her inner wanton. She walked to the edge and sat,
slipping into the warm Tahitian waters. The water was so blue, so
clear. A sigh escaped her lips as the balminess enveloped
    Marc had backed up into deeper water
as she’d slipped in, she was sure just to make it harder on her. He
now stood stock still, and she knew he wouldn’t move a muscle and
force her to do all the work. Fine, he wanted proof. He’d get his
damned proof.
    She swam a little closer. The water
was deep enough she couldn’t touch bottom where he was, and she
felt like she was flogging around in front of him. That wasn’t
sexy. So she grabbed his shoulders and used him to buoy herself in
the warm, clear water. Sofia realized he was standing, his massive
height allowing him the luxury of sand under his feet. The water
came just under his neck, showing off that gorgeous face of
    And those kissable lips.
    Thoughts of what he’d done to her the
last time he’d had his mouth on her came back and made her body
react. Her nipples tightened against the form fitting spandex of
her suit, the flesh beading tightly to the point of pain. Marc made
her ache like she’d never ached before.
    Her pussy clenched, juices weeping
from her folds, and all she’d done was grasp his shoulders while
having wayward thoughts. He’d destroy her if

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