Taking Death
    Before she could say more, Fred went on. "It was the last piece in our plan. I never thought you'd be on board with this."
    On board with what? What plans did Jon and Fred have?
    She decided to play along like she knew. "So what is the time frame?"
    "Surprised Jon didn't tell you."
    "We've been two ships passing in the night."
    "We'll let it loose when you guys are on your honeymoon. By the time you get back the deed will be done."
    "Right and you'll be leaving town, too."
    "Of course."
    Donna figured she wouldn't get more information out of him if she tipped him off that she knew nothing about this plan. So she stopped asking questions and after a few pleasantries, they hung up.
    Holy crap.
    What she discerned from her conversation with Fred was that he was going to release the virus when she and Jon were on their honeymoon.
    They were going to release it in the New York City subway system.
    She hopped onto her phone and searched the internet for what she could find about the virus. It was transmitted via the air and had been developed for warfare. Not surprising. Next she learned death occurred within twenty four hours. An antiviral drug has not been developed for it.
    She sat back, closing her eyes. She couldn’t let this happen.
    But how would she prevent it?
    Using her office phone, she dialed into the local FBI office. She thought they could trace it to the building, but not her office.
    “I want to give an anonymous report,” she said.
    “Hold on.”
    “Keller,” someone answered after a few minutes.
    “I want to report that I’ve heard about an attack on New York City.”
    “Ma’am this isn’t funny. We don’t take pranks lightly. We will be tracing this call.”
    She hung up.
    “What’s wrong,” Kelly said when she entered Donna’s office.
    Donna took a deep breath while she shook her head. “I need to take a break. I’m going for a walk.”
    Striding out of her office, she left Kelly standing there with her mouth open.
    Donna sat on the bench in the small park by her office contemplating her next move. If she told the FBI, she’d have to explain how she knew.
    Maybe she could talk Jon out of it. She decided to find him.
    He was in his office at the gallery. His smile lit up the room when he saw her. She lingered the doorway, not sure how to react to him now.
    "Hey, no kiss?"
    He met her halfway across the office then planted one on her lips.
    She really loved him and hoped she could talk sense into him. He stepped back and studied her. "You look worried. What can I do to take that worry away?"
    "I had a conversation."
    "With whom?" he said. He returned to his desk, but Donna was unable to sit down.
    She paced. "With Fred."
    She took a deep breath. "About what you are going to do with that virus."
    Jon didn't flinch, but his smile fell off his face. "What did he tell you?"
    "That the virus is going to be released in the subway system. While we're on our honeymoon."
    "He shouldn't have said anything to you."
    Her heart sank while a chill ran down her spine. "So it is true."
    "Honey, this is part of a bigger plan. One that has major implications and in the long run will help the world?"
    She put her hand on his desk, her face on level with his. "How does releasing a deadly virus into New York City help the world?"
    "It gets the government's attention."
    "Isn't there a better way?"
    He shook his head. "It's complicated."
    She straightened and settled in the chair there. "Explain it to me."
    Jon frowned. A sigh escaped his lips. "I'm not sure I can."
    "Then don't release the virus."
    "We can't do that. There are things in motion. We have to go through with this."
    She shook her head. "I don't agree. Just stop. Stop whatever it is. Don't do this."
    "I wish Fred had never talked to you."
    "Then at least try to make me understand what I was unwittingly a part of."
    "You'll just have to trust me."
    "Why Jon? Just tell me. Tell me what you are involved in?"
    "I can't. Fred

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