Tangled Redemption

Tangled Redemption by Tina Christopher Read Free Book Online

Book: Tangled Redemption by Tina Christopher Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tina Christopher
for a second but then followed her direction
wholeheartedly. Fire flashed through her. But at no point did she forget Miguel,
his heat a blaze at her back. When he flattened his palms across her stomach
and caressed her through her clothes, the flames fanned by Jaden’s kiss flared
    Jayden kicked the sofa and it changed beneath them into a
bench all of them ended up straddling. He smoothed his hand down her back,
cupped her ass and pulled her against his erection. He deepened the kiss and
she welcomed him. Their tongues tangled. She rubbed her tight nipples against
his hard chest and savored the inferno.
    Jayden pulled back. They both breathed hard. “Holy Jade,
woman, you’re dangerous.” His eyes matched the conflagration inside her, his
lips still curved in a smile. He looked over her shoulder. “I think we should
try something new.”
    “What do you have in mind?” Miguel leaned so close his voice
vibrated through her body.
    “We should see how many times we can make her come, while
the two of us remain in control.”
    Sydney leaned back a little, the back of her head bumping
into Miguel’s broad shoulder. That definitely sounded interesting.
    She would have sex with two Vampires.
    And she would enjoy every second of it.
    “How many times are you going for?” Miguel asked.
    He could have been talking about the weather. Sydney tried
to turn so she could see his face, but Miguel held her hips.
    Jayden looked at her and then at Miguel. “This first time I
am going to pace myself and go for three.”
    Sydney gaped.
    “Three sounds like a good number.”
    Jayden grinned and looked at her. “This should be fun.”
    She twisted so she could see both their faces. “Hang on,
we’re talking three in total, right?”
    The men exchanged a glace. A smirk curled Miguel’s full lips
and Jayden’s body shook with suppressed laughter. He pulled her to her feet.
    Her jaw dropped. Seriously? She swallowed.
    Challenged burned in Miguel’s black eyes.
    She pressed her lips together and straightened her
shoulders. “I’m going to make you work for it.”
    Jayden burst into laughter. “Love, I would expect nothing
less.” He had no idea how he would survive the torture without his dick falling
off, but this scenario was too close to forced sex and that was one line he’d
never cross. Not even for the mission. The situation was untenable enough for
Sydney. He did not want to add to it. By focusing on her pleasure and ensuring
she enjoyed every second of it he hoped to give her opportunity to grow
accustomed to them.
    That was why he’d asked Nasir about strategy. Should
Calatrave plan to rat on him and his approach he could remind them of Nasir’s
words and explain he preferred honey to vinegar.
    He didn’t think the other man would do that. So far he
hadn’t shown any sign he disagreed with Jayden’s strategy. That didn’t mean
that his mission hadn’t turned into a fucked if he did and fucked if he didn’t
    He knew Duncan would tell him to make sure he got Sydney out
as soon as possible, that his number-one goal was her safety. He also knew
Malachy would tell him that taking down Nasir was his ultimate objective and
nothing and no one was to take him off this path.
    The lives of many or the life of one woman?
    Yep, he was fucked either way.
    All he could try was to protect Sydney while he took out the
Big Bad endangering the whole galaxy.
    No problem.
    Jayden pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind.
Instead he focused on the gorgeous woman in his arms.
    He savored the feel of her. She was nearly as tall as him,
but where he was built like a tank, she was half his size. But she was no frail
beauty. She had stood up to Nasir without flinching, driving the bastard close
to the edge.
    And now she challenged him.
    He pressed a quick kiss to her lips. “Well, looks like I
should get to work.” He took her hand and led her to the bedroom, which held a
bed big enough to accommodate a man of

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