TASTE: A Stepbrother Romance

TASTE: A Stepbrother Romance by Stephanie Brother Read Free Book Online

Book: TASTE: A Stepbrother Romance by Stephanie Brother Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stephanie Brother
place my hands on my hips and give him my most hateful stare. “Forgive and forget? Never . You humiliated me. You took pictures to send to your friends for crying out loud. I had no idea you were so-so cruel."
    He seems pained. Rubbing his hand behind his neck, he takes a step toward me. I immediately take a defensive step back. “I was an immature idiot. I’m sorry.”
    “Sorry doesn’t cut it. The damage has already been done.” I walk toward the door, desperately needing to get away from him. Before I can pull the door open and make my escape, his fingers wrap around my wrist.
    He tugs me gently toward him. “Your mother is married to my father. We are bound to find ourselves in each other’s presence many times, just like this holiday get-together. Don’t you think we should make an effort to get along?”
    I glare up at him. “There is no need for that. I have managed to avoid you for three years. We are only in the same house because of a slight misunderstanding. It won’t happen again.”
    I make a mental note to pay my dear mother a visit and let her experience the brunt of my anger.
    “Okay, now you are the one being immature.”
    “Excuse me? There is nothing immature about my behavior. I hate your guts, Damon. How else do you expect me to act around you?”
    He drops my hand from his grip and something akin to pain flashes in his eyes.
    I am taken aback by what I have just witnessed.
    My anger dissipates slightly at the thought that I might have actually hurt his feelings. I don’t know why I even care; he deserves all of my hatred and anger.
    “Do you really hate me, Alice?”
    “Yes,” I whisper.
    He sighs in defeat. He runs a hand over his face. His jaw clenches and his entire demeanor changes. All traces of pain and sadness quickly disappears and the wicked smirk that always seems to be on his lips returns.
    I blink, surprised and confused by the quick transformation.
    He takes slow steps toward me until he is way too close.
    I take several steps back, stopping as my back hits the door.
    He towers over me, making me feel small, like he did three years ago. Weird things are happening inside my body because of his close proximity.
    He lifts his hands to place his palms flat against the door on either side of my head, effectively caging me in.
    I am staring wide-eyed into a sea of green. “I can change that, you know.”
    “W-what are you t-talking about,” I stutter. It is hard to ignore the fact that his lips are mere inches from mine. If he lowers his head just a little bit…
    He smiles. “I can melt that frigid barrier that you put up around yourself. I did it once and I can do it again. I can make you melt at my feet, crave and love every touch that I offer.”
    I gulp. He might just be right. I can feel myself melting already. I want him to cover the inches between us and kiss me. I clench my fists. The diamond ring on my finger bites into my flesh and his spell over me is instantly broken. My eyes narrow to slits. I push roughly against his chest with all of my strength. He steps back, startled by my action. “Get away from me, you perverted jerk. Are you that self absorbed to think that I will fall into your bed like every other woman you’ve nailed? I’m engaged for goodness' sake. Have you no respect?” I am now riled up to the extreme. I step toward him, pointing my finger into his chest. “Nothing you do will ever make me forgive you. And how dare you talk about touching your stepsister? ”
    He lets out a snort, “We are not related by blood, so that title is lost on me, Alice. I can talk about and think about touching you as much as I like. In fact I can touch you as much as I like.”
    I let out a shriek as I am pulled roughly against him. I gasp when his lips capture mine without warning. I struggle against him but his grip tightens around my waist. All I have managed to do is wiggle my body closer to his. His mouth moves and I am lost. My mind is telling me to push

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