Temperance: Biker Romance (The Davis Chapter Book 2)

Temperance: Biker Romance (The Davis Chapter Book 2) by Davida Lynn Read Free Book Online

Book: Temperance: Biker Romance (The Davis Chapter Book 2) by Davida Lynn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Davida Lynn
passed the city limits, I would never set foot in the town again. I didn’t even know if I wanted to stay in California. Originally, Kyle was just a way to get out, but those feelings that we had for each other were still there, and they were still so strong. It threw a wrench into my plans, but in a good way. Good if we didn’t head back north, that is.

    “Celeste,” Kyle shook his head. “If we run, we run forever . If everything about Conrad is true, he’s got contacts. He has people he can pay to find us no matter where we go.”

    “And what do we have? The Rising Sons?” I dropped my head down into my hands, “Oh, no, no, no. We’re not just going back. Were going back end things, aren’t we?” That word. I still couldn’t say it. It was fight or flight, and Kyle did not want to fly. That only left one option. One dangerous, foolish option.

    Kyle took a step forward, and he took my hands in his. He opened his mouth to speak, but the distant sound of an engine snapped us both to attention. The note was getting louder in a hurry, and my eyes widened. They had found us. I don’t know how, but they had found us, and we were going to die.

      Kyle dropped my hands and headed around the side of the car. I was about to do the same, but I saw that he was going for the passenger’s side. There was no way in hell I was driving. After the chase in the Lexus, I was content being a passenger for the rest of my life. As the sound of the vehicle grew closer by the second, Kyle threw open the door and leaned in. When he came back up with a gun in his hand, I ducked instinctively. We weren’t going to speed away. He really was intent on fight rather than flight.

    Coming back around the passenger door, Kyle grabbed me by the wrist. He was strong and powerful, but I was still surprised at how easily he yanked me to the side of the car. I knew he wasn’t trying to hurt me, though. “In the backseat. Stay low.” I didn’t need to be told twice. I knew Conrad’s men were dangerous, and they weren’t just trying to return his prize anymore. They were out for blood.

    I ducked around the door and slid into the back of Kyle’s ride. The blood rushed through my veins at a furious rate. Once I was inside, I curled up in the fetal position. Kyle ducked behind the door, his eyes and the gun trained at the rise in the road.

    He had the gun just out of sight, and when the minivan came into view, he kept it lowered. With its busted muffler, the small people carrier sounded a lot more menacing than it really was. I let out a sigh of relief as it trundled past. A young boy in the back seat looked out the window at me. With an evil little grin on his face, he shot finger guns at me as the minivan crept on down the road.

    Jesus, I’ve never felt closer to a heart attack in my entire life. The thought of being killed, or—God forbid— innocent people getting hurt was just too much. Kyle was right. If we ran, we would always be looking over our shoulder. Conrad would always be out there. He might strike at any second, or he might bide his time. Either way, living on the run wasn’t living at all.  

    After the sick sound of the minivan was gone, I climbed from Kyle’s car. He put his arms around me, pressing the deadly metal of the gun in his hand. I was done with the constant fear.  

    My heart slowed down, but not by much. What I was going to say had me sick to my stomach. “You’re right. We’ll be on the run forever. I didn’t want to believe it, but it’s him or us. I didn’t want to have to sink to his level of depravity.”

    Kyle’s head laid against my shoulder, feeling like that perfect complementary puzzle piece. His voice was soft and soothing as he said, “This isn’t his level. What we’re doing is surviving. What he’s doing? He’s killing just to kill. He’s a monster, and he needs to be put down.”

    “Can we do it, though?” My voice trembled. God, I would’ve killed for another night’s

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