Temperance: Biker Romance (The Davis Chapter Book 2)

Temperance: Biker Romance (The Davis Chapter Book 2) by Davida Lynn Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Temperance: Biker Romance (The Davis Chapter Book 2) by Davida Lynn Read Free Book Online
Authors: Davida Lynn
sleep. “If what you say is true, I mean, he might as well have a small army behind him.”

    Kyle backed away to look at me. “Don’t you worry about a thing, babe. We’ve got our own army.”

Kyle spent almost the entire drive back north on the phone. Some of the calls went down to Bakersfield, others up to Davis. Those in the know with the Rising Sons were aware of who Conrad Blythe was. His drug connections were well known in the outlaw community, which only made me feel even more stupid for having missed them. Maybe I did know somewhere deep down inside, but I chose to ignore it for the greater good. Not anymore.

    In a small town an hour outside of Davis, Kyle and I grabbed a late lunch at an old-school drive up. Like nothing was wrong in our lives, the two of us ordered our chili cheese dogs and shakes. With a tray balanced on the driver’s side window, we ate as Kyle gave me the rundown on his ramshackle plan. If we could keep our heads down, in one week’s time, everything would be over.

    “Romero is the key to this whole thing. He’s ex-special forces, so he’ll know just what we need.” He sighed, “If the fucker will answer his goddamn phone. The boys aren’t gonna like it, but I think we’re gonna have to go in real quiet. Romero could probably sneak in and slit Blythe’s throat before anyone even knows what’s going on. I wish I could tell you that Conrad was the only one we had to nail, but I don’t think that’s the case. His men are paid well enough to earn him a little bit of loyalty. Once he’s gone, they’re gonna be pissed that their paychecks will come to a screeching halt. You’re just as integral as Romero, you know.”

    The coffee was doing nothing to help my shakes. “I can tell you the layout, how many guards, all of that stuff. Whatever you need.”

    “Telling ain’t be enough, babe. We’re gonna need you on the inside.” He knew I wasn’t gonna like it. He knew damn well.

    I looked up to the roof of the car. I just wanted it to end. I wanted my mind to get a minute’s peace. Going back inside there was the last thing I wanted. ”Kyle, please. I’ll draw a damn blueprint if you want. Just please don’t make me go back in there.”

    “I know, I know. I don’t want you to go in there, either. I want you as far away from danger as humanly possible. But there’s no location on earth that is far enough. The only place far enough is in the future when Conrad is gone.” Kyle leaned over and ran a finger down my cheek. He always knew how to deliver bad news. “I think we both know this is the only way.”

    All I could do was nod my head in acknowledgment. I didn’t want any more violence, but that meant something had to be done about Conrad. I couldn’t stand to set foot anywhere near that mansion but seeing it torn to the ground would be a gift. I wanted to see everything that Conrad stood for reduced to rubble.

    His phone vibrated and Kyle dug at his pockets. A smile crept on his face as he looked at the screen. He turned it to me, and I saw the contact Fuckwad had come up. Despite the gravity of the situation, I had to laugh.  

    “When did you do that?” I asked.  

    He gave a casual shrug. “After the first call. I had a feeling it would be the last. He’s dangerous, sure, but he’s also an egomaniac. To him, this is sport, so he’s going to toy with us.” I wondered if Kyle was acting so calm to help me stay calm, or if he really was absolutely comfortable with this. Maybe he had the stone cold attitude to go with the rock hard muscles. He raised a finger to me. “If you’ll excuse me, I have to take this.”

    I shook my head. He really was keeping me calm and under control. God, I loved him for that. I love him for a hundred things, but Kyle was my tranquility and my peace. I sucked down some more of my milkshake while Kyle toyed with Conrad.

    “Hey there, Douchington.” Kyle laid the phone down in his lap. It was on speaker.

    The tinny,

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