Tempting Rever

Tempting Rever by Laurann Dohner Read Free Book Online

Book: Tempting Rever by Laurann Dohner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Laurann Dohner
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to see what the cause of it was. In horror she watched as hundreds of bowling ball-sized creatures with thick, dark brown hair and big, sharp teeth came rushing down the street. It looked as though a stampede of the frightening looking creatures were headed right for Brenda and Rever.
    Those things bumped into Zorn people down the street, some of the rounded, hairy balls of fur jumped a good three feet to hit Zorn bodies, snapping sharp teeth at their prey. Pure terror flashed through Brenda as it sank in that they were being attacked by vicious animals. A scream caught in her throat. On instinct she turned, throwing her body at Rever’s, clutching at him.
    Strong arms grabbed her. “It’s all right,” Rever rumbled. “They are just Killis .”
    “Kill us?” She squeaked, feeling panic seize her.
    The damn things were flowing forward, spreading wider down the street as more of them came running from behind a building at the end of the street. They were rushing right at her and Rever still, attacking anyone in their path, their bodies jumping up and slamming into people. She spun, looking for a place to flee but there was nowhere to go except the chair she’d vacated. Without thinking she jumped up on it and turned to scramble onto the tabletop to get higher away from the ground where those horrible furry little bodies swarmed.
    Rever growled, grabbing Brenda around her hips with one of his arms. He jerked her against his body tightly in a heartbeat. “Calm. It is safe.”
    She turned her head, watching the scary creatures all around them. They flooded the area around the table and chairs in the next second and one of them jumped, hit the side of the table she stood on and Brenda screamed. She was sure the terrifying creature was going to jump on the table and take a bite out of her with those sharp teeth.
    Another scream tore from her when one landed on the table with her and hit her leg, swearing she felt it tear into her flesh as the rough textured fur scraped her knee.
    A snarl tore from Rever when he totally jerked her off the table, moving quickly, and held her against his chest. She felt her body pressed tight against his larger frame, blinded by his long hair when her face ended up buried in his neck and shoulder area.
    He moved quickly, running with her, to save her. Her arms ended up around his neck, clinging to him, and then he suddenly stopped. Her back hit a solid wall but it didn’t hurt.
    “Calm,” Rever snarled. “You are safe and we are away from them.”
    Brenda lifted and turned her head but didn’t release the tight hold she had on him around his neck. She peeked to see the street they’d been was now about half a block away. Furry round bodies were still flooding the street but they weren’t rushing down the alleyway following them, the stampede staying far from them. She knew that Rever had saved her and gotten her out of the path of those things.

    Tempting Rever
    His arms were around her waist, holding her hip to hip with his body and she also realized her legs were wrapped around him. In her terror she literally had latched onto the man with her legs and her arms. He had her against a wall of a building with his arms around her, his big body pinning her there and he was breathing a little hard. She was almost nose to nose with him as she turned her head, their gazes locking together.
    She stared into his gorgeous, amazing eyes. The color of them was so bright blue that she couldn’t even think of anything to compare them to but almost glowing neon.
    They were striking.
    Rever took a calming breath and when he spoke, his voice was a soft rumble. “They were just killis. They are harmless and not dangerous to you. They enjoy brushing against warm bodies but they don’t bite or eat meat. They tend the vegetation in the cities. They are run through the streets to exercise them.”
    Brenda’s heart was pounding. “What?”
    “I should have warned you about them but I did not realize

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