Terms of Service

Terms of Service by Emma Nichols Read Free Book Online

Book: Terms of Service by Emma Nichols Read Free Book Online
Authors: Emma Nichols
throwing some money on the table.
    “I don’t know what to make of him yet,” she confided in Amy.  “We had lunch to finalize everything today.  And he was…nice.”  She struggled to put words to the feelings she had coursing through her.  Gavin wasn’t what she expected.  She was looking forward to the job, with even the modicum of security it would provide.  Then there was getting to know him.
    “What’s he like?”  Amy pestered.  “Come on.  You can at least tell me that much without nullifying the contract, right?”
    “Well,” Hannah began hesitantly, “I guess.  There just isn’t much to tell right now.  I barely know him.”  She sighed.  “He’s attractive, and refined, a little too uptight for me, very proper.  At the same time, as successful as he is, I don’t think he’s happy.  I think that’s my real job.  He just doesn’t know it yet.”
    “Oh, gawd,” her friend sighed.  “You are not going to turn him into one of your lost causes are you?”
    “Whatever do you mean?”  She giggled innocently before growing very serious.  “I have to give something back, Amy.  My very nature insists.  He has given me more than you can imagine already.  A huge weight has been lifted.  I’m hopeful again.  I have to do something for him in return.”
    Amy sighed.  “What if he doesn’t want to be happy?  Some people are happy being miserable and making other people miserable,” she argued.
    “Maybe he just doesn’t know how to be happy.  Maybe he’s spent all his life trying to live up to other people’s expectations and never even considered what might matter to him, give him pleasure.”
    “Oooh.  I see.  You want to give him pleasure!”  Amy squealed jokingly.
    Blushing three shades of red at the thought of Gavin that close to her, Hannah stuttered, “N…no.  I just mean…”  She sighed.  “Oh never mind.”  Then she ended the call.
    With three days left in the month, Hannah spent every minute outside of work packing and selling her wares.  She had a small storage unit which was filling up quickly.  Amy was volunteering numerous hours to help watch the girls while her friend packed and loaded and cleaned.
    “Am I your latest pro bono case?” Hannah joked.
    “If only.  I’m supposed to do more of that, but those stuffy rich folks who can’t get along keep me overwhelmingly busy.”  She had files spread out all over the floor, since the living room was now devoid of furniture.
    As Hannah moved to load the last remaining boxes into the SUV, the phone rang.  At first she didn’t recognize the warm male voice on the other end of the line, but Rick quickly reintroduced himself.
    “I told you I’d be in touch,” he reminded her.
    “Oh,” Hannah sighed.  “I don’t know how to tell you this,” she began quietly, “so, I guess I’ll just spit it out.”  She took a deep breath.  “I found someone…to take us in.  He’s giving me a better job.  It’s really a very good deal.”  She felt the need to explain.
    “I see.” Rick said.  “I should tell you right now, I’m not calling to offer you exactly what you’re looking for, but I might have solution of sorts to your problem.”
    Hannah’s head tipped to one side.  “How’s that?”  She was undeniably curious.
    She heard Rick take the deep breath.  “Well, I work for Creative Loafing .”  He was quiet as he waited for that piece of information to sink in.  “My assignment was to see what kind of person advertises for a Sugar Daddy.  Have women sunk to a new low?  What could drive a woman to demean herself in that manner?  That type of thing.”
    Her blood was beginning to boil.  “So what did you decide?”  She clenched and unclenched her fists while Amy watched wide-eyed.  She moved to get up, but Hannah shook her head.
    “You weren’t what I expected,” he admitted.  “I guess I expected some vapid blonde with designs on an easy

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