That Man of Mine

That Man of Mine by Maria Geraci Read Free Book Online

Book: That Man of Mine by Maria Geraci Read Free Book Online
Authors: Maria Geraci
had been Allie’s first boyfriend way back in the day. Her first love, as Mimi put it. But he’d ended their relationship when he discovered that his former girlfriend was pregnant with his child. Long story short: The asshole had broken Allie’s heart. He’d made up for it since. But Zeke had already punched him once in the nose and he wasn’t above doing a repeat number if the situation called for it.
    â€œI was hoping Mimi could help me with the wedding details. Since I don’t have any other female relatives. But if you think—”
    â€œShe’ll help you.” Mimi loved Allie. Plus, she had a big heart. Just because she was ready to toss their marriage to the curb didn’t mean she’d given up on her sister-in-law. No matter what happened to his marriage with Mimi, she and Allie would always be close. Not that anything was going to happen to his marriage.
    â€œWhat are you planning?” Zeke asked. “So I can know how much you’re going to need?”
    â€œNeed? Oh, no, big brother, I’m not expecting you to pay for anything. Tom and I are grown-ups and this will be his second marriage. We’re doing it simple. And we’re doing it ourselves.”
    â€œYeah, but it’s your first marriage. And hopefully your last. I’m your only male relative and I’m paying for your wedding. End of story.”
    Allie made a face. “We’ll see about that.”
    â€œWe’ll see about nothing because—”
    â€œZeke, do you ever wonder what happened to Dad?”
    Years of being a cop had taught him to keep his expression unreadable. It was a trick that had served him well on more than one occasion. He’d never been more grateful for it than now.
    â€œDad who?”
    She rolled her eyes. “Dad, as in Sam Grant. The man married to our mother. The man whose DNA we share?”
    Zeke shrugged. “He’s dead.”
    Allie sat straight up on the couch. “How do you know that? Did you hire a PI? When did he die?”
    â€œAugust 2, 1991.”
    â€œWhat? That makes no sense. How did you— Zeke , that’s the day Dad left us.”
    â€œHence, it’s also the day he died.”
    Her expression softened. “It’s been twenty-four years. Maybe he’s sorry.”
    â€œHe’s sorry, all right.” Zeke shifted around in his chair. “Look, let’s not beat a dead horse. The guy left when the going got rough. Good riddance. We didn’t need him anyway.”
    Allie started to say something, then wisely snapped her mouth shut. “Okay, I won’t bring it up again. But Tom and I aren’t letting you pay for the wedding.”
    â€œYou want me to give you away? Then I’m paying for the wedding.”
    â€œYou are no doubt, the most stubborn man on earth.”
    â€œBut you still love me.”
    â€œFortunately for you, yes.” Her concerned little sister face took over. “Mimi still loves you, too. What’s going on, Zeke? You need to fix this.”
    â€œDon’t worry. I plan to.”
    â€œHow? You’ve been in counseling for over a year now. What’s going on?”
    â€œNothing’s going on.”
    â€œSo Mimi kicked you out of the house for nothing? That’s not like her.” Allie’s gaze dropped to her folded hands. “There’s not anyone else, is there?”
    â€œYou know better than to ask me that.”
    She visibly relaxed. “Okay. Good. I didn’t think that was the problem.”
    â€œLook, don’t worry about me and Mimi. I give this separation another week, tops.”
    A nother week. Tops. Hopefully , he hadn’t just made his sister a promise he couldn’t keep.
    Zeke stripped off his police uniform and changed into his running shorts and a T-shirt, grabbed his iPhone and headed for the beach. He was up to ten miles a day now. He’d always been a runner, but lately, the

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