The Anchor

The Anchor by B.N. Toler Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: The Anchor by B.N. Toler Read Free Book Online
Authors: B.N. Toler
more. His other hand slid up my back and collected my hair in a fist. He gently, but forcefully, pulled my head to the side and began biting and kissing my neck and left shoulder. My legs grew weak as my orgasm built and his hand left mine, wrapping around me to hold me up.
    “Does it feel good to touch yourself, Nicole?” he purred in my ear before biting the lobe.
    “Yes,” I whimpered as he dropped my hair and used that hand to grope my breast, his fingers finding my hardened nipple and pinching softly.
    “Are you going to make yourself come?” he questioned, gently rubbing his thumb over my nipple.
    “Yes,” I breathed.
    Immediately, he dropped his hands from my body. In a flash, he had me pinned against the door. Still recovering from our heated moment, I didn’t know what was happening until he was on his knees, my right leg over his shoulder. He held me up with a strong, wide palm to the stomach as his other hand powerfully gripped my thigh, my back against the door as he licked and sucked and bit my aching core.
    I wondered where my panties went. They were on me a second ago! My head thumped back against the door as Parker’s wicked tongue worked me over. My back arched, my body begging for more of him. His hands left their previous bruising positions and gripped my ass, squeezing hard as I cried out in pleasure. As my high ebbed slightly, he slid my leg down gently and stood, his face and mouth glistening with the evidence of my arousal. Leaning in, his mouth met mine, my own wetness smearing across my lips and face, the tanginess of myself hitting my tongue. I wanted to be disgusted or grossed out, but I wasn’t. My arms wrapped around his neck as I kissed him harder. I gently bit his tongue as it swept inside my mouth, earning me a deep groan from Parker. Stepping back from me, he unbuttoned his pants and slid them off with his boxers. My eyes widened when I saw his erection. He was huge. Yes, I was a virgin, but I’d seen a few cocks. A few guys that I sort of became serious with got blow jobs, but that was it.
    Putting his hands on his hips, he stared at me as I remained glued to the door. “On your knees,” he said, a little breathless. My brows furrowed. He was ordering me to suck his dick? “I said, on your knees, princess.”
    My face heated. Why did he keep calling me princess? Was he challenging me? I pulled back my shoulders and smiled. I would meet his challenge. Anything he could throw at me, I could take, right? That’s what I had promised and that’s what I intended to do. Slowly, I bent to the floor and began crawling to him. His nostrils flared and his eyes darkened as he watched me slither across the floor. When I reached him, I kissed up his legs until I reached his cock. Taking it in my hand, he hissed softly, and his head fell back as I stroked it slowly.
    When his eyes met mine again, he growled, “I want your mouth on my dick, now, princess.” I didn’t hesitate. I took all of him until his engorged tip hit the back of my throat. He moaned roughly as one hand gently fisted my hair. I hummed loudly as I took him in and out, keeping a steady rhythm.
    “Fuck,” he breathed. I looked up to find him staring at me; a burning heat in his gaze. “You are so fucking beautiful,” he gritted. “Sucking my cock . . . fuck, Nicole. Beautiful. ”
    I moved faster at the mention of my name. It set me on fire, burned through me and drove me insane. I was nothing but a blaze of desire. As new and scary as this had been, I was realizing I liked it. I enjoyed that by doing what he demanded, I could undo him. I liked that in some backwards way, I had that kind of control over him. And in some inexplicable way, I liked that he had control over me; that something about him made me willing to do anything he said.
    “Stop,” he ordered, and I took him in and out twice more before I let him slide out of my mouth with a moist pop. He stroked one finger down my cheek before moving to his

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