The Barter System

The Barter System by Shayne McClendon Read Free Book Online

Book: The Barter System by Shayne McClendon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shayne McClendon
ran his palm down her
throat, over her shoulders, and across her collarbone.  He kissed the tip of
her nose and pushed the damp hair away from her face, scooping it from the back
of her neck and fanning it out above her.  She sighed in relief. 
    “You have a lot of hair.  I
imagine that would be hot.”  She nodded sleepily.  “I’m going to get you some
towels and let you shower.  Neither of us would be pleased if I gave myself a
heart attack.”  Her snort of laughter made him smile smugly then he kissed her
again and bounded from the bed. 
    Sean was more fit than most
men half his age with a high energy level and many interests keeping his brain
active.  After several hours spent in his company, she already had pages of
data.  She couldn’t have asked for a better subject. 
    She experienced a slight
moral twinge when she thought of her dissertation.  In a few days, she’d have
to move on to the next leg of her journey.  No way in hell was there going to
be any chickening out now.  She’d been working toward this for too long.  She
simply had to maintain detachment. 
    He put extra towels in the
bathroom and said he was going to put on more music.  She stretched and felt
soreness in her muscles and joints.  Her lower body, far too accustomed to her
celibacy, felt tender.  Nothing would work out the kinks like a hot shower, and
perhaps, she thought with a smile, a little ‘hair of the dog’. 
    In the bathroom, she turned
on the jets and allowed the water to warm, listening as Fleetwood Mac filtered
through the house.  Gathering her toiletries, she stepped under the spray and
sighed.  She didn’t need to shave, having undergone laser hair removal on her
legs, bikini, and underarms with Tawny.  She washed then conditioned her hair
and scrubbed her skin down. 
    The room was enveloped with
the smell of grapefruit.  She was rinsing the last soap from her body when
there was a tap on the shower door.  She peeked out and saw Sean standing in
shorts with a garment bag in his hand.
    At the questioning look in
her eyes, he said, “I’m taking you out for dinner.  I think I estimated the
sizes right.  I called my assistant, Alyssa.  Had her pick up a dress I had The
White House hold for me and I’m hoping to god you like it.”  He looked so
nervous she had to laugh.  “There are accessories but I had no idea what you
liked so I had her get a lot.”
    “Thank you, Sean.  I’ll be
out in five minutes…unless you’d like to join me?”  She did her best to look as
though she had no ulterior motives but she doubted she was remotely convincing.
    “I would love to, but I have
to give Alyssa some files before she heads back to my office.”  He looked her
over from head to toe in obvious appreciation.  “We’re going to avoid nakedness
and being in close proximity for three hours.  I refuse to act like a barbarian
who dragged you to my cave for sex.”
    The pout she gave him wasn’t
even faked, “Ah but I like wild caveman sex.”  She turned off the water and
took a towel he held out to her.  Once it was securely wrapped around her, she
began drying her hair.  He hadn’t moved and she was getting self-conscious. 
    “Your every movement is so
sensual.  So casual and unintentional.  Very hot.”  With that, Sean left the
    She heard a woman’s voice in
the living room and peeked around the door to see a very pretty blonde about
her age gazing at Sean like an ice cream cone she wanted to lick. 
    He was bent over signing
papers.  He said something and she jumped, worried he’d notice she’d been
distracted.  “Thanks, Alyssa.  I really appreciate you running errands.  When I
get back to the office next week, I’m sending you on vacation for a couple days
to the spa.  I know you have one you go to with your sister.  I won’t forget. 
You’re a lifesaver.”
    She carefully cleared her

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