The Battle of Bayport

The Battle of Bayport by Franklin W. Dixon Read Free Book Online

Book: The Battle of Bayport by Franklin W. Dixon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Franklin W. Dixon
coolest. It was about an old local legend of lost British gold that had supposedly been seized by the Continental Army around the same time as the Battle of Bayport. Every kid in Bayport had heard about the legend of the “King’s Pride Treasure.” When we were little, Joe and I used to run around the docks pretending we were treasure hunters on the run from pirates. Of course, we never found anything. That didn’t mean that no one else had, and it was fun to think it still might be out there somewhere. The gold coin in the display was just a replica of the kind of coin that would have been sent from England to help fund the war. It wasn’t even real gold. In a weird way, though, seeing it made me feel like a kid again.
    I let my imagination run wild for a minute before Joe’s voice snapped me back to reality. “Did you hear that?”
    I looked up and listened. We weren’t alone. I hadn’t heard it at first because my hearing was still a little wonky from the reenactment, but the sound of footsteps on the ship’s wood floor and muffled voices were getting louder.
    â€œWe better skedaddle. The chief is going to blow his top if he catches us still on the ship.” I started leading the way back, hoping whoever it was would veer off into one of the corridors before reaching us. Yeah . . . no . . . so much for that one. A staticky voice blurted something over a police radio, and it sounded like the officer carrying it was headed right for us.
    â€œWhat now, dude?” Joe asked.
    Good question. There was no other way I knew of to get out of the museum from that part of the ship, and there wasn’t anywhere to hide in the exhibit we were in. . . .
    There was, however, the roped-off corridor leading to the part of the museum that was still under construction. It was off-limits to most of the museum’s volunteers and employees because of the insurance risk, so I’d never been back there before. I was excited at the prospect of exploring a part of the ship I hadn’t seen, although I would have preferred to do it while not running from the police. I eyed the yellow caution tape crisscrossing the entrance.
    â€œThis way,” I said, and darted past a big yellow sign that read DANGER—DO NOT ENTER .

    I REALLY HOPED FRANK KNEW what he was doing. Next to the big DO NOT ENTER sign was another one that said CONSTRUCTION ZONE—HARD HAT REQUIRED BEYOND THIS POINT. I’d been accused of being hardheaded before, but I didn’t think that would do me much good when a beam fell on my noggin.
    We ducked under the ropes and out of sight a second before the officer stepped into the room. He hadn’t seen us! The relief I felt at our narrow escape didn’t last long—in the construction zone it got real dark, real quick. There weren’t any lights installed yet, and the portals were sealed off, blocking out the sunlight that filtered through most of the ship during the day. In the dark like that . . . Ack, there I go thinking about ghost stories again.
    â€œOuch!” I exclaimed a little too loudly as I stumbled on a loose board.
    â€œShhh,” Frank reminded me rather unnecessarily.
    â€œSorry, bro, my X-ray vision is on the fritz,” I whispered back.
    A second later two small lights illuminated Frank and me. We’d both had the idea to use the flashlights on our phones at the same time.
    â€œGreat minds think alike,” I said with a smile.
    â€œCome on, Edison,” Frank said with a smirk. “Let’s find another way out of here.”
    Frank started leading the way. I was counting on all the time my brother had spent aboard the Resolve and at home studying the huge ship’s design to get us out of there safely. Sometimes Frank’s nerd power comes in handy.
    â€œI hope you know where you’re going,” I told him.
    â€œSo do I,” he replied.

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