The Best Week of My Life

The Best Week of My Life by Suzanne D. Williams Read Free Book Online

Book: The Best Week of My Life by Suzanne D. Williams Read Free Book Online
Authors: Suzanne D. Williams
goes out to the water.”
    “They went out to see you.”
    “So what else did they say?” He prompted her.
    She inhaled. “Nothing much, just that it was okay for you to go, and we’d maybe have dinner together tonight. Your mom’s making lasagna.”
    “She makes good lasagna,” he said.
    “And my mom suggested playing cribbage.”
    “Yeah.” Daphne laughed. “Mom loves cribbage. She even packed the board in case she could find someone to play.”
    “Your dad doesn’t play?
    She shook her head. “No. Dad doesn’t do much. He mostly watches the news and reads the paper. Except …”
    He waited for her to finish. When she didn’t, he waived a hand before her face. She blinked.
    “Except he talks to our fish.”
    A little speechless, he didn’t respond. She twisted herself sideways and sliding down on the couch, laid her head in his lap. She hung her feet over the arm.
    “He’s a beta. Dad calls him Gerry. But he’s all crooked, gimpy-like. The pet store was gonna flush him, but Dad said no.”
    “A gimpy fish?”
    “Yes, well, gimpy fish deserve to live, too. We should make that a t-shirt slogan,” she said. “Red shirts with a picture of Gerry on them. Would you wear one?”
    He raised an eyebrow.
    “Right, maybe not you. But I would.”
    “Daph?” he interrupted her.
    She craned her neck back to see his face.
    “What time did you go to sleep last night?”
    She wrinkled her forehead. “I think it was nine. Why?”
    “You seem … rested.”
    “I am, but maybe I should stay up later tonight. Maybe we can go for a walk in the dark. You think?”
    “If you want.”
    “That reminds me,” she said, giggling. “Last year, mom and dad decided to go for a walk on the beach … alone. Mom said she was tired of watching TV and needed fresh air. So they go out, but maybe twenty minutes later come back, and she’s all white-faced. She said they saw … saw … a couple like … you know on the beach.”
    He pulled back a laugh.
    Footsteps from the bedrooms shut Daphne up. She put a finger to her lips and hissed. “Shhh.”
    “Oh, Carter, you’re here,” Martha Merrill said, one hand on an earring. “Good. Howard will be out in a minute.” Successfully clamping her earring in place, she then lowered her arm and smoothed her skirt. “Well, that’s done,” she said.
    “Martha have you seen my …” Howard Merrill appeared in the room, and his gaze lit on Carter. “Ah, good to see you, Son,” he said. “Going along with us to see the big fishes, huh?” He flexed his arms. “Used to be quite a fisherman in my youth. Once caught a twelve pound largemouth bass. That sucker was this big.” He extended his hands on either side of him. “Shoulda had it stuffed, made a trophy out of it, but my dad said, ‘Howard, fish are for eatin’.’” He deepened his voice at that point.
    Daphne inserted herself. “Granda loved fish. He could eat a plate piled this high and still weigh only one hundred and ten pounds.” She held her hand about 12 inches above her lap.
    “Never could fatten him up,” Martha said. “Though he used to compliment my cooking.”
    “Too bad he passed on.” Howard wagged his head. “I miss the old feller sometimes.” He seemed to indulge himself in a moment of thought, then just as quick moved on. “Where’s my camera?” he asked. “Want to take some pictures. Need to get some of the young people together, and then all of us.”
    “It’s on the table, Howard,” Martha said.
    He lumbered across the room and spotting the camera, offered a satisfied grunt. “Yes sir. We must make memories. Martha and I met at the beach. She ever tell you that?” he asked, nodding toward Daphne.
    Carter cleared his throat. “No, sir.”
    “Can’t believe our Daphne hasn’t told you.”
    A smile tugged at the corners of Carter’s mouth. He couldn’t believe it either.
    “Martha here was a babe.”
    Daphne giggled.
    “Well, you

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