The Billionaire's Bet #3: A Risky Raise (Erotic Romance with alpha male)

The Billionaire's Bet #3: A Risky Raise (Erotic Romance with alpha male) by Clarissa Wild Read Free Book Online

Book: The Billionaire's Bet #3: A Risky Raise (Erotic Romance with alpha male) by Clarissa Wild Read Free Book Online
Authors: Clarissa Wild
sated, his cock slipped out of me. His body was trembling. He sank, unable to hold himself, and lay down on top of me. His scent was intoxicating, and I couldn’t stop myself from smelling him. How I loved his company and deep, dark affection.
    He rolled off me and lay down beside me, unclasping my hands from the chains. He breathed heavily and placed his head on top of my breasts as if they were cushions. His fingers slithered across my belly and he pulled me closer to him. On his face was a content smile.
    “You know … I can’t imagine living without you anymore. I’ve really become attached to you,” he said.
    I smiled. “Hmm … you’re not the only one.”
    He looked up at me. His radiant blue eyes shone with such devotion, it made my heart jump. Each time I looked at him I could feel my pulse racing.
    “ Really?”
    I nodded.
    Why did he ask that? Does he find it hard to believe someone could be happy with him?
    “I’ve been wanting to say this to you, but … I don’t know, I just couldn’t, but I really want to now, so … I think … I love you,” he whispered. The words reverberated in my mind, as if the words were sung by the ever-blowing wind.
    “ I love your stubbornness, how you don’t always listen, how you disappear into that world of yours where you write days on end,” he said. “I love how I can enjoy sexy games with you and that you’ll drink with me like a friend would. I can laugh and cry when you’re around without feeling ashamed and I can say and do what I want without being afraid of you running away.”
    My cheeks burned with heat. My inner self screamed out to smother him with kisses.
    Had he just made a love confession to me?
    What he said rung true though. I felt the same when I was around him. I adored his cute smile, the way it made me laugh, his beautiful eyes and that strong physique. I loved running my fingers through that soft, blond hair of his. I cherished his character and personality. I could do anything when I was around him. Laugh and cry with him. Share in the fun and lust. Never afraid to bare all. It didn’t matter what he saw of me. I knew he’d accept everything I was.
    “I love you, too,” I said.
    I bent my head and met his lips. Our kisses were passionate and sweet, full of love. He entwined his fingers through mine, and we just lay there, silently enjoying each other’s love and company.

    Chapter 5
    After I’d cleaned myself, we were both too tired to do anything else. We slept in the floating bed that night, and the strange rocking sensation made me have strange dreams. When I awoke, Dominic sat on the edge of the bed, his back arched and his hands clenched something.
    I blinked a couple of times, getting used to the morning light, before getting up. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed a patch of his hair. I peeked over his shoulder and saw he was typing a message to this Sharon lady again.
    “What are you doing?” I asked.
    “Sending a text.” He quickly pressed the button, before I could see what he was typing.
    I rolled my eye s. “Yeah, I can see that. Why?”
    He shrugged, my arms rol ling off him. “Does it matter?”
    I pulled back and folded my arms. “Yeah, it does. I still don’t understand why she keeps contacting yo u at home, outside work hours.”
    He stood up and si ghed. “Seriously? This again …”
    “Yes, Dom. Yesterday you said you love me, but you keep withholding things. Why can’t we share everything?”
    He balled up his fists. “Because it’s dangerous, Julie. The less you know, the better.”
    I frowned and my jaw dropped.
    What? I can’t believe what I’m hearing.
    “Why? Am I stupid or something?”
    “No, Julie, of course not.” He put the phone away and started dressing. “But i f you did, you’d be in danger.”
    “What the hell is going on then? What could be so bad that you can’t tell me?”
    He put on his tie, pulling so hard each time it looked like he almost strangled

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