The Billionaires Hired Baby Mother: When the wife and surrogate are two different people

The Billionaires Hired Baby Mother: When the wife and surrogate are two different people by BWWM Club, Tyra Small Read Free Book Online

Book: The Billionaires Hired Baby Mother: When the wife and surrogate are two different people by BWWM Club, Tyra Small Read Free Book Online
Authors: BWWM Club, Tyra Small
    His next call was to the clinic. Thirty minutes later Roy pulled up
to the clinic and was shown to the same room where he began to view
the files. Part of him knew he should really tell Melissa what he was
up to but another part of him thought she would go nuts if she knew.
One thing was certain in Roy’s mind, if he found the perfect
woman Melissa would be ready to start the process.
    It was almost three hours later when Roy came across a profile.
Henrietta Fraser. She was beautiful. Roy clicked on her case number
and scanned her file. She was perfect. Mixed heritage just like
Melissa, twenty eight, perfect health profile, non-smoker, social
drinker. Best of all she was already a mother which meant she had
successfully brought a pregnancy to term. He hit the intercom for
    Allison came into the room with a bright smile.
    “ May I help you with something Mr. Gardner?”
she asked pleasantly.
    “ Allison. I think I found our surrogate.
What is the next step?” Roy asked eagerly.
    Allison was surprised. She didn’t know what to make of it that
Mr. Gardner had wanted to view profiles without his wife. Now it
seemed he had chosen one without her. When she had met the Gardners
she had liked Mr. Gardner right away. He seemed to be excited to
embark on this journey. Mrs. Gardner, she seemed a bit distant. Not
exactly cold but not welcoming either. Maybe she preferred to not be
a part of the process. In either case, it wasn’t Allison’s
place to judge.
    “ Well the next step is forwarding the file
to Dr. Klein. Then allowing the potential surrogate to view your
profile and determine if she would like to work with you. In your
case, where a donor egg is used we don’t need to worry about
blood type match so she can view your profile as early as tomorrow.
After that we set up a meeting here at the clinic before any final
decisions are made. Finally, you bring in your legal team to work out
the contract.”
    Allison must have seen the look on Roy's face because she added, “I
know it must be so overwhelming.
    “ Very. Can I take this file home to my
wife?” Roy asked.
    “ For privacy reasons, you cannot. But I can
set up a time for you both to come in tomorrow to review it.”
    “ That’s perfect. We’ll be here.”
    Roy didn’t know what to make of it. He didn’t expect
Melissa to respond this way.
    “ So you went. Without me?” she hissed.
    “ Mel I don’t understand why you are so
angry. You said reviewing the files made you exhausted. I just wanted
to make things easier.”
    “ Maybe it would just be easier if you did
this on your own. How about that?” Melissa shot back.
    “ How can you say that? I want this family
with you,” Roy responded.
    “ Then why did you go without me?”
Melissa asked, clearly hurt.
    “ I was talking to Kate and…”
Roy trailed off.
    “ Of course you were,” Melissa fumed.
“And I’m sure she had another opinion about our life.”
    “ Mel. I’m sorry. I don’t know
what I was thinking. It was stupid of me. Please forgive me.”
    “ Fine. It’s done. So this woman...does
it look like she’ll be a good fit?” Melissa asked.
    “ I think she is just who we are looking
    Melissa took a moment to reflect on his words. In her heart, she knew
Roy wasn’t trying to be malicious and honestly she was relieved
to not have to pour over profiles, trying to find the mother of her
child. She tested that phrase in her mind. Her child. She had to
admit she liked the sound of that. Her child. Their baby. It had
seemed impossible before. She had wanted to give up, but now that
they might have found their surrogate it seemed real to her. Was this
woman the key? Could they have a family?
    What time do we have to be there tomorrow?”
    “ At ten. I love you Melissa.”
    “ I love you too,” Melissa replied.

    The next morning Roy and Melissa made their way to the clinic to
review Henrietta Fraser’s file. Melissa agreed on paper
Henrietta Fraser

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