The Billionaire's Second-Chance Bride (The Romero Brothers, #1)

The Billionaire's Second-Chance Bride (The Romero Brothers, #1) by Shadonna Richards Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: The Billionaire's Second-Chance Bride (The Romero Brothers, #1) by Shadonna Richards Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shadonna Richards
Tags: Contemporary Romance, Family Saga, billionaire romance, billionaire bad boy, the bride series
to take some of the pictures for Toni’s wedding to Shelly. The backdrop would be so romantic. So royal-looking.
    Later, they received a brief tour of the beautiful premise and the enormous ballroom where the reception would be held. Maxine ferociously typed away on her iPad taking notes and snapping pictures of the setting. Then they were introduced to the official photographer so they could go over the layout and photo settings.
    They had spoken with Shelly, who seemed so full of life and humor. She kept hugging Toni and held firm on his arms. Clearly, the couple seemed as if they were in love. Toni showed Lucy and Maxine his iPad with his Fun Bird scores and told them that while Shelly was caring for him after his second stroke, she’d showed him how to play the game to cheer him up and he hadn’t stopped since. He showed Lucy and Maxine their scoreboards with the names Mr. Romero and Shelly Romero. Of course, they had given Shelly his surname as a joke. Mr. and Mrs. R. Bird they nicknamed themselves.
    “Beautiful,” Lucy commented. She was gushing now. This all seemed so perfect, except the fact that they still wanted to go ahead with the Fun Bird slingshot down the aisle.
    “Well, you know there are risks involved, right?” Lucy warned the doting couple.
    “Of course we know that. Life is a risk, wouldn’t you say?” Toni shot back before bursting into laughter. He seemed to be a jolly old fella who really did look more like a fit forty-something-year-old. Shelly and he looked roughly the same age—almost. His upbeat attitude was so infectious. It was obvious that one of the reasons Shelly loved Toni was because despite his age, he was young at heart and he rarely took things seriously, including himself.
    “You know, Lucy, I want to thank you and your rest her soul, for this wonderful wedding you’re putting on for us. It’s a dream come true,” Toni said as he looked lovingly into Shelly’s eyes.
    Lucy exchanged a glance with Maxine. It translated to I-really-hope-this-works-out-for-them-because-they-are-such-a-nice-couple. Maxine appeared to have swallowed hard. Lucy could also feel a lump in her throat.
    “Come. Let’s go out into the garden where part of the ceremony will take place.” Toni escorted them outside to the patio then led them down a pathway to the fertile garden.
    Lucy noted the two trees near the pond where Shelly wanted to be tossed from the slingshot to the aisle and they had already worked out with the videographer and DJ how they would film it to the Fun Birds soundtrack and quirky bird sound noise complete with slingshot. Lucy felt a migraine coming on and she really didn’t know why. Perhaps it was the whole litigious angle not to mention the safety-risk involved.
    “I’ve already gotten fitted for the harness that will go with the gown,” Shelly beamed. “I’m so thrilled to be doing this. My friends are going to have a blast. We’re going to post this on YouTube. It will be great, won't it?”
    Oh. No.
    “Um. Oh. Yes.” Lucy hesitated . It’s about the client. It’s about their happiness. It’s about them, not me—or Antonio! God, there was that Antonio again. Lucy’s thoughts were distracted by the sound of rotors in the distance. What the—?
    She’d thought it might be some news chopper overhead but then realized that the helipad off in the distance was empty. It must be someone family related. Who could be flying at this time?
    “Oh, great!” Toni seemed excited. “My grandson Antonio is here. You’ve met him, haven’t you?”
    Lucy felt her stomach plunge to her feet.
    A nd what an entrance that was. Toni, along with Shelly on his arm, walked over towards the helipad and his grandson. Lucy and Maxine followed closely behind. Lucy was chewing her lower lip so much so that she thought she tasted blood. Her heart thrashed about in her chest. As the blades slowed down and stopped, Antonio, looking hot

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